Hope flies where dreams live

Red balloon bobbing
Filled with hope
Set free by the hand
Of innocence.
Through cities and villages
High above it floats
Drifting on currents
Of love.
She watches with a smile
Wonder in her mind
Who will capture the gift
Endless feeling of happy.
She is anyone somewhere
Setting free dreams
To come into their own
To live out their destiny.
On the lawn beyond the window
Plastic pieces lay torn
They have gone to the wind
The hope of the heart
To be fulfilled.
Always in the air
Close your eyes and you will see
A thousand dreams waiting
Grasp one with innocence
Blow the dust up to the clouds
And watch it all unfold
Believe in the magic
And it will be.


Celebrate life

Raising a toast to these days,
Quiet memories tucked wordlessly away
Pulled from the mind
And raising to the light
To celebrate life
Yesterday and today.
To sit with you
Where the water meets the sand
A glass of red
Or perhaps white
Let’s see where the mood takes us,
Peaceful days slide along
Like water over falls
And I can see us sitting
Maybe not talking
Just being in the moment
Where the sun shines on two tired souls
Who came to be here
In this place,
Together starting new,
Ah the sweetness of life
And we shall see
As the night falls
Fading away silently
And the stars will light the way
Like champagne bubbles rising
Sparkling and light
This toast we shall make
To life.

As our dream home is being inspected, I think positively knowing that this toast will someday be. Cross your fingers for us. Peace and blessings. K


Serenity ribboned

Skies drift noiselessly above
Mind soft memories
Ripples shades of pastel
I sail away on waves of cloud
Rocking gently
Moving on.
The horizon before us
Endless open spaces
The dreams await those who seek
An open mind
Serenity ribboned through
Yesterday and today
A morning awaits first steps
We are coming home.



Needing a gift
To give to myself
A present of presence
A peace of mind.
Times get so crazy
Rushing and bustle
So much with so little time
Focus oft denied.
To stop in place
To see the silver sliver of moon
A sideways smile speaking
Remember me?
A gentle bow to recognize
I see in the darkness the light
Slowly rising in this winter chill
I breathe softly and am here.
Days of seasons move swift
To take the time to ponder
To be present in this moment
The right here and now
To give peace to fuel the energy
Of this weary soul.

I have not been posting much lately. Life has been a whirlwind of the dream house quickly coming to fruition, the holidays, and the day to day job. Will be looking forward to nine days off and plan to get back to my present and let loose the words swirling about my mind and I thank you for your patience and have a beautiful day in the present. Kim



Through winters bite
The bars hang
Trapping the spirit
That longs for
Seasons of sun.
Ice drips
Frozen moment of time
Glistening with waves
Layers of days.
Translucent decoration
The house hangs her own
By natures hand
Festive pillars
Of winters breath.



Tap tap with the metal saw
Clearing snow from your branches
Delicate beauty
So petite and filled with quiet grace,
I touch your needles
Oh so soft
Not quite fully grown
Just a babe in the woods
Amongst the brambles and thorns.
From tree to tree I move
Hmmm, maybe?
Taking the saw into my hand
I reach out
As the wind softly blows
And I know I don’t have it in me
To take you or any others.
To the barn I trudge
Carrying down the big red bag
With plastics pre lit wanna be,
No scent of pine,
Just the last year find
And into the house I move,
Stand it up and away we go
Lights still work and I smile
Beyond the window
Your tender branches wave
A thank you it seems
From you to me,
A holiday reprieve
To just let the beauty
Of a tiny tree be,
To someday grow big and strong
And give home to birds
And shelter from the storm.
Peace and joy in my heart
As the fog descends
And the chill outside grows stronger
My soul is light
My senses warmed
By moments of a holiday
So perfect.

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Across waves

Beside me yet oh so far away
In my mind I see so clearly
These days that blend
Creating moving pictures
Of lucid thoughts
Of words
Of emotions that wash over me
Like the softest ocean breeze.
Across waves there lies a place
A home in my heart
I’ve never been
But to see it all so clearly
Reflections of tomorrow
With the sun resting down to sleep
Peacefulness flows through my heart
And I look up to see it all
Through the clouds
The stars beckon my dreams
To come to the surface
To slip across the damp sand
And find my hands cupped waiting
To drink from the bounty
Of life.


About time

As the moments pass by
Faster than fast
Then standstill perhaps
Tick tock
Just never enough
As we move through the atmosphere
Of these lives we are a part of.
Universe open
The mind drifts slowly
Leisurely like a summer walk
Then fast like the stars that
Race by in the dark of night,
Elements of surprise
Here then gone
And the day over
Before it began
It seems.
Breathe in and out
To the motion of
Blood rushing through veins
Ebb and flow
Of this very minute captured
As the fingers spill words
Just a drop in an endless sea
Of pages empty or filled.



All of our tomorrow’s were spent
Where dreams come true
With Sandy shores
And oceans blue
Turned into heart filled wishes
Floating into the sky
Amongst it
Would be you and I.
Our lives rush forward
Each day of bliss
Spent in your company
Your hug
Your kiss
As sunset fell and found us there
Upon the shore
Without a care,
We would be blessed
With life’s greatest gift
Where thoughts become things
And we create
In our hearts desires
Our reality
Oh what a fine place,
That perfect moment will be.

Dreaming and dancing in my mind’s eye, positivity abound. My morning started with a commute to the song “The Ocean” from Led Zeppelin and I’ve been thinking of water and warmth all day.


Door to reminders

In sleep so deep you came
Been so long since you’ve stopped in
Lessons reminding me
Live in joy
And reach for the door
To your bliss.
I searched for the key
Under here and there
Misplaced or hidden
Determination all I have
And when the wild wind blew
The door stood ajar
Patiently like a flower in bloom.
You stood there laughing at my confusion
And this is all that matters you said
The moment of now
The truth of believing
Allowing myself to walk through
To the other side
To all the tomorrows shining
To the lesson I had forgotten
Subtly reminded in the ghost
Of a smile
Of a nod of the head that yes,
Imagining the future
Embracing the gifts
Of this moment.
Thank you again for your images
I smiled upon waking
Saying a quiet goodbye
Till next time.

It seems when I have something in my mind unsettled,the right people come to me in my sleep and dreams, reminding me of the answers I already knew, nudging me to have faith in the idea that all will be as it should if I just let it go and believe.