Seasons dream

Seasons move my mind
Through thought this head
Wrapped round
Energy spent focused
On the brightness
Of this sunny side.
Fall she leaves me damp and cool
Spring she gives new life
Winters ice kills aimlessly
But summer touches gently.
Her sun dappled happiness
Through branches shade
She finds me
Eyes closed moving
Softly in a breeze.
Dreams in darkness turn me
And I twist their stories
Back to good,
Impossible battle
Between dark and light
And I am left victorious
To enter the white room
Somewhere in head
Challenged to stay focused
Drained I succumb to better moments
Breathing softly
Slipping back under
To the season of truth
To the beauty that is found
In light.


Empty stars

There lies a sadness
For the sight of empty stars
Eyes searching skies
Finding only a deathly emptiness
Clouds cover lights
While vessels wait
To cast aside the dreams
The wishes
The jar empty
Three sister stars
Clear glass
The wonder of what will fill
The hollow feeling
As patience takes a toll
The dark moon laughs
In the universe
Waiting to change and reflect
It’s lovely shades on the tiny specks
That embellish the cloak
Of midnight.


Neptune moves

On charging steed
King Neptune moves
Through waves of white
Calling me home.
The horses pound
The sandy shores
Gathering speed
Drawing me in.
Shells sucked under
The raging waters smash
I feel myself being pulled
Into the depths
Of dreams.
Home by the water
Oh sweetness of salt air
And azure skies melting into
The bluest horizon
I am coming home my Neptune
To ride once more
The stallions of sea-foam
To return where I belong.

Art by Walter Crane


Silent bloom

After the storm
Night gently falls
And the silence of the moment
A touch of beauty
Graces the white weary world
Out in the silver snow
Tender blooms
Beauty placed to mark
This moment of the day.
Petals stand before the sky
Making a portrait
In simplicity.
A new day will dawn
Sun will rise over hills
Bringing light and relief
As the wave of snow winds down
We will emerge once more
Like flowers bursting forth
From the depths of the earth
We will again bloom.

Photo taken by our friend Steve who received 7+ feet of snow this week in Alden NY.



Eleven degrees
Cold chills the bones,
Swirling vortex of endless white
Fire burns in bellied stove
Down below.
Lazy day
As the world waits
For the end of wickedness
Snow eating machines overfilled
Metal arms pushing
Cannot keep up.
They watch wondering
Where is he now?
The glass of their world
Beyond unseen he moves
While they watch
And wait
And wonder when?
I release the beasts for short moments
They play and run
The children of the crystals
Covered and white they return
Shaking off
Ready to enter
Their den of heat
To the biscuit that waits
As they smile
In dog joy.

Somewhere in the tundra that is South of Buffalo NY, a rare snow day with travel bans, 3 feet and rising and moving yet closer…the pups get no naps when the peeps are home…and they are truly smiling….just like the kids.


To the moon

Step by step
Climbing to the moon
The dreams of souls
Singing as they go.
The ladder to enlightenment
Stars to give
The guiding light
Runway lit for landing.
I see you waiting
Smiling perhaps
Waiting to welcome
Traveller heights going forever
In the clouds floating
This dream of joy
Fills the heart.


To love the dream

Open the eyes to the night sky calling,
Stars stand at attention
Bowing on their stage
Shining their light on my heart.
Cold air shivers skin
But I will stand before the skies
Honest and open
As I hold out my wishes and dreams
For the blessings
And I search the horizon
The ever watchful moon hangs
Like an ornament of the night
Shining for me
Calling to me to believe
That the love packed tight
And the dreams sunny bright
Will be waiting
With the coming of dawn.


Starlight snow

The universe filled
Tiny crystal image
Star like snow pieces
Bits falling
Down on me.
I hold out my hand capturing
The tiny star disappeared
Before I could see the texture
Lines and unique shape,
But round me swirls more
Gentle as the night sky
That I wish upon,
This cold silence of air
As the pieces of the cloud world
Come tumbling down
Blending with all the rest
At my feet.


Last first snow

Shadows reflected
Watching the coolness
As evening falls
Like the blanket of white
The last first snow.
Air icy
Clumps of cotton white
Clinging to the empty fingers
Arms of trees catching
Tiny little crystals,
I look beyond the window glass
Content that next year
I will look out new windows
See the green wild growth
Warm and secure
And maybe perhaps missing
A moment like this,
But most likely not.
Just a time to remember,
To reflect on a quiet beauty
On a simple storm
To recall years from now.