A new year, a new beginning


So much to say and I guess it starts with a single step so here goes….
It’s funny how we always talk about the things we long to do, the people we’d like to be and the many things we would like to accomplish but the fact is, very few of us ever do…we are left with a bitter taste in our mouths at the end of the year, wondering where we went wrong….what we could have done differently, and ultimately a sense of failure for not setting out and getting it done in the first place. Why???? All it takes is that first step….but that’s where it gets difficult….which way to go….how to do it…..so many questions….so very few answers. To this day I ask myself, what do I want to be when I grow up? I didn’t even know that answer when I was young and I sure as he’ll don’t know the answer now…..to be happy? Yeah, we can start there…..so today….on the eve of a new year, I am taking that baby step….I am putting it out there….I am jumping off of this frozen tundra cliff this icy December day….to just do, to just be, and maybe, just maybe, to succeed just by daring to take that first step. This is not a resolution….nope, I will not belittle this as I know resolutions seldom tend to mature and be, I am calling it my first step, life changing, getting it out there and letting it all hang out and to not be afraid to shout it out loud…..look world, here I come….just a girl from a small town with big dreams of just being the best gal she can be goal for the new year and for every day.
Thanks for listening…..woo hoo!!!!
Now it’s time to get real folks…..stay tuned.