Daily Post: Happy Happy Joy joy

Hearing congratulations on five years cancer free, then six years, next up 7.
And also,

To end your journey from a cold climate on a warm beach with your toes in the sand.
To wake each morning to slobbering dog kisses as they tell you how super happy they are that you’re finally awake.
A big coconut filled cocktail on a beach bar in Puerto Rico .
The clock striking that the work day is done….proceed to home and my fur babies.
My husbands smile as he masters a rack of ribs/pork shoulder/steak/any meat product on one of his many grills.
The sound of my sisters voice across the miles just because.
My favorite sports team winning (but hey in Buffalo, not happy very often)…..let’s go teams!!!!!
My husband letting me play disc jockey on my iPad so I can hear my favorites.
A nice glass of Cabernet -Sauvignon after a grueling work day….I drink this often.
Learning how to blog and knowing that someday I’ll really rock it!
Happy happy……just by being.