On miracles and being a unicorn

On Miracles
Today I am a unicorn.
That in itself is a miracle. I am not saying that if you look at me you will see a large protruding horn out of my forehead or that I have fur and four legs. I also might add my husbands theory on unicorns is never ever play leap frog with a unicorn. But that is a different thought pattern all it’s own. I am talking unicorn in the mystic sense of the word. If you could see inside my soul you would see a wonderment of life that is not comparable to anything else. I am fascinated by small things that to others seem so insignificant. I can manage to smile at the way life works. I do not expect miracles but demand them. I believe in the universe providing what I ask for. If I want a ghost, boom, done. If I need money for some future plan, there you go girl, it is yours the universe tells me. And it does happen.
What throws me is how with mainstream media today, they still go back and rehash the same thing over and over again. Yes, the plane in the Hudson was a miracle. Yes, a person who was told they would never walk then they went on to prove the doctors wrong, yes, a miracle too. But miracles happen every day.
When our standard of what a miracle is has been set at such a high level, anything less is well, less.
I see miracles in a baby bird, a beautiful sunrise, a shell or piece of sea glass found on a busy beach.
I see miracles in the shine of someone’s eyes when they look at me a certain way. I see miracles in the laughter of a stranger on a street. Everywhere you look you will see them. Just not big grand scheme biblical proportion miracles, but miracles none the less.
So today I am a unicorn, and maybe tomorrow I will be a giraffe. Because there is a miracle in knowing that in this big wide world you can be anyone or anything you want to be. You just have to believe. That my friends is a miracle.
The miracle is to be able to believe. The miracle is to know that what is wanted or needed will be provided. The miracle is to be able to see our dream and not only work for it but to enjoy the trip and celebrate as it comes true. Getting there is half the fun. That is what we realize in hindsight.
Life doesn’t come with a manual but if my life did, it would be short and sweet. Live Life fully, dream big and expect miracles. Always!!!