I want candy

Does anyone have any memory of what as a child we called penny candy?
We had a store about a mile from my house and as a child my little sister and sometime my little brother also, would gather our allowance out of our piggy bank and walk to Rays Delicatessen. Of course this was back when it was relatively safe to walk without adult supervision. Our pockets would be weighed down with pennies, dimes and nickels and you could hear us ching ching when we walked or skipped.
We pushed open the door and ran down the ramp to the front counter where the old fossil man waited for you to tell him what you wanted. There were jars and jars of colored candies. Licorice, lolly’s as we called them (a pastel lollypop that was shaped like a ufo), Swedish fish, jelly raspberries and then the old school stuff like tootsie rolls and dots (the stuff we got for Halloween that we handed off to the parents telling them “That’s not real candy”). The candies were a penny a piece. They took a small brown paper bag and you pointed out what you wanted, one of those, ten of those, etc…..we drove that man crazy.
In hindsight I figured he either must have really loved kids a lot to put up with the never ending litany of items or he was on meds and just didn’t care. We took our prized bag of candy and of course like any kid, consumed most of it before we got home so our parents thought we must not have spent any money but later would watch us bounce off the walls from all the sugar and realize that we had eaten just a little too much.
I don’t remember when the penny candy shop closed down. I think it was when I was in high school but by then I had advanced to more pricy chocolate bars. I would buy a half pound Hershey bar for a dollar fifty and after seeing one the other day I could not believe the price now compared to then.
Fast forward 28 years later and now my tastes run more to a fine cheese platter, dark chocolate with sea salt and a nice red Malbec or Cab Sauv.
But still I miss those younger days when your only concern was what you were going to buy at the penny candy store, where could you gain more money to buy more sugary goodness, and at the end, why do I have a tummy ache?
Maybe I’ll just grab a glass of wine and ponder that a little more.