Silent shadows (ode to Zip)

I sense you still
Through the long shadows of a day most gone
I hear you, the whisper of you
As you move almost silently
Through the trees beyond.
I feel your presence
In the silent shadows I can almost see you
Standing in the eclipse
Wolf-like, you call to me
Come, come…..
I see your eyes in sleepless dreams
I toss and turn
Tormented by your absence
I call to you
And the wind whispers back to me….
Go to sleep, he will return
With the fireflies in the dark after midnight
He will sit beside you once more,
His shadow visible in your memory.
A breeze rustles your robe,
He has come once more,
Home again.

The winter of disco tent

I see the fog of sun
Closing through the storm of endless snow
Like the sands that blow out west
Wild and unbridled as my soul.
I feel it begin
That January torture of darkness
That never ending lack of a real sun
Ball of flame too long hidden.
I am weary of the chill and frozen ground.
I found a picture awhile back,
Hippie peace freak page gave a small lift
Joy of discontent misnamed
A disco tent of rainbow shades.
I could hear the sound of night fever
Playing in my head.
I hate this snow I cry,
As Cabin fever claims another.
I shall dance, I hear the call,
The muse of summer memory
It shall pass , this cold winter drudgery,
And barefoot you shall dance
On waves and sand.
We know how to do it,
Discontent revisited as 70 hits,
I am the dancing queen.