Forgetting to remember

I see you on the quiet street-
I know that face, familiar features
I do not know your name
I can’t recall and I am sorry.
You look at me, eyes crinkling in a smile
Animated and happy
I approach and apologize ,
The chemo has stolen so much
Things I keep forgetting to remember,
Birthdays, names mostly, memories.
I am a disciple to repetitive living
To not forget to remember the tiny details,
Your name
How do I know you,
Where have we met.
Childhood and nightmares have not left
My tattered Swiss cheese like conscious,
Pocketed with empty space that once held something,
I don’t recall what.
My husband says if I forget a name they must not have
Left an imprint on me,
To let it go
To not worry
But I am still sorry
I just don’t remember why.

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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