sleep to dream

I walked out amongst the barren trees
Calling your name out to the wind
The snow fierce
Lashing at my face
Sleet like needles I cry out
I can’t leave you
I cannot turn back
I know you are here
As you were once before.
Those eyes, damn,
Always those sad eyes
Don’t go, please,
As if begging me to stay,
Yet I left,
I had to go
And then you were gone
With no goodbye,
No last breath
Just gone
And the ice came
Driving into my heart
A thousand broken shards
Still stabbing me.
I shall be there,
I shall be
A dream
I awake standing out in the storm
How did I get here
Where are you now?

hiding in plain sight

I have been….
Living for Facebook the last two years
A late bloomer to techno ways
Finding friends from school
Many who were not really friends,
Some I cannot remember.
I posted my first blog
Shared it for my other fbook world to see,
Got only two likes
A bit of disappointing fear….
Maybe I suck
What makes me special?
I slept on it asking the universe
Is this what I need?
Does this fulfill the me that is missing?
I awoke feeling refreshed
Deleting my first two attempts on my page out of shame
Later rejuvenating them back to the page.
Lesson learned,
I don’t need anyone to validate me by liking my writing
At least on the fbook….
In this world I see so many doing what I dreamed,
To empty your soul and share with the world at large.
This is me
This is what I am about.
Don’t let others steal your joy
Spread love where you can
Be yourself always
If hiding in plain sight makes you feel good, just do it.
I thank you for reading
I love to hear comments, pros and cons,
I am a blogger, not very good yet, but still proud.
And on a good note, blogging cut my fbook time to 15 minutes a day…
I rather enjoy hiding out here amongst the greatness I have been finding.
Now if I could get my husband to deal with the time I spend here,
Life would truly be grand.