She dreamt of an elephant

She saw him standing
Behind a church building
Looking confused
She had dreamt of him
This majestic beast
And he came to materialize
Her truth
That rich men do not stay
That way for long
And their whim to possess
Only broke the lesser
When funds run out
And Popularity wanes
And fool hardy spending
Leaves creatures in the dust.
A creature not loved enough
But dumped behind when pockets
Lay barren
She dreamed of the thief who tried to
Steal this beast for ill folly
She ran and stopped the tragedy
And leading her beast away
Awoke to wonder what it really all meant.
Beware of the ego of who you become
Perhaps as history lays bare
The mistakes of men
Come forth once again
To fruition.
She wonders what her lesson shall be tonight
With shuttered eyes she lay exhausted
After toiling for a mere wage.