Dark room daydream

She sits
Back upright in what seemed a comfortable chair
She slides on the fake
Leather material that cushions her butt
The wheels move
Yet take her nowhere
Except to sit in this dark room.
The eerie glow of the computer
Temporarily asleep
She feels no need to turn it on
To touch the board
Her fingers ache from the years of movement
It isn’t time
She looks at the clock
Like a Dali print the hands ooze through her mind
Moving too slow
Tick tock
Is it time yet? No.
She sits alone and dreams
Like the cartoon boy she remembers from
Too long ago when she was young
Ralphie, yes, that was the name
The teacher yelled to pay attention
Stop dreaming
Come back to the reality
That leaves him weary
Tired of real world
Bell ringing pulls her out
Of her misted thoughts
Now is the time
Turn it on
And her soul
Dies just a little more
In this dark room
Her reality
For now.

A moody blue ocean

We sit at the beach bar
Ocean breeze blowing through my hair
He grills my shrimp behind the bar
As the smell wafts by.
I watch the scene unfolding
The lazy tourists scurry by
Running towards the crashing waves
There is only the here and now.
You look at me across your drink
Saddened by the fact
Tomorrow back to reality
I sip my coconut drink greedily
Not ready to let go.
We are not in a hurry
Rincon paradise
Feels like home
A song runs through my head
Feeling like an actor in this life of bliss
But it shall be reality
As it sweetly unfolds.
We walk down to the ocean
I feel it splash across my shorts
No cares
No worries
Come it is time to return.
I am tanned
I am beautiful
I am peace.

Excerpt from the Actor songwriter Justin Hayward
“The curtain rises on the scene
With someone shouting to be free
The play unfolds before my eyes
There stand the actor who is me.
Our reasons are the same
But there’s no one we can blame
For here’s nowhere we need go
And the only truth we know comes so easily.
The sound I have heard in your hello
Oh darling, you’re almost part of me
Oh darling you’re all I’ll ever see”