you ask me why I smile
And I guess I never gave it much thought
As today I woke up in a bitter mood
Looked at myself in the mirror
All plugged up with a running nose
And said girl, well I really said bitch,
But ok girl, snap-out-of-it!!!!!!
I drove to work humming some song
That means nothing
Working the job
That besides a paycheck some days means close to nothing
And I almost smack a deer in the road.
The frozen road,
The car sliding all over the place and oh my god
You almost went into the ditch road.
My mood today was unintentional
But I made it different,
I made the switch
To smile just because….
Because I woke up,
Because I missed the deer and the ditch,
Because I do like my job most days.
It is all in the way I intentionally search
For the bright side,
The good side,
The holy crap it is finally Friday side.
So I will go home
Drink some lovely wine,
Hopefully listen to some perky tunes
And I am sure I will unintentionally
find myself in an amazing mood.
Thank you for reading this intentionally
I hope you come back the same way.
Oh, and believe it or not the sun is out….
I am sure that is just accidental.
5 degrees….unforgivable.

Infinite magic

Beautiful lady
Reader of my future
You see through the haze
The cards lay bare
You run your hands
And choose so deftly
You speak to me without
Ever seeing me
What words to conjure
To set relief and joy
Yes,yes,I see now
“your card is the Five of Pentacles, reversed.
Have you been feeling stuck in the recent past?
It feels like you’ve had a little frustration thrown in your path, but guess what?
It’s about to shift, big time. You are about to see real progress toward your goals, and I feel that things are already starting to turn around.
No, it’s not just your imagination, things really are getting better.
Now is not the time to hold back.
Be open to all the good things that the Universe has to offer you and work on feeling deserving of abundance, because you are.
The past few months were just a bump in the road.
You’re back on track and ready to roll! ”
Lovely lady
Speak to me
Send me a message
Of all that is
Of what shall be
Set my universal spirit free
To become.
Ah infinite possibilities
All is aligned
Written in the stars
Read in the cards.