Plowing through

He moves back and forth
Hidden by the wind whipped white
He clears a path
The long driveway
Clear to the goal.
The dogs endless bark
Pulling me from my feverish dreams
Window to window
Back and forth
Alert he is out there.
Another braves the weather
For his sick princess
A movie to fetch
To take her mind
Off of the ailment.
Plowing through he drives away
Into a cloud of white
For he loves her.
She plows through this fever
Oh how she hates
To feel this down
The nightmares chase her
Dogs chasing back and forth
Coming for her she thinks
As her legs run in sleep
I must go faster
The sheets damp and twisted
She awakens to find
The plow has come and gone
Taking away this moment,
Freeing her for awhile
From her mind.

The daily soul retreat/squirrel on pole

“The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can.”
-Mike Dooley

This, my quote for the day
Taken from my mail
The winter again leaving this world
In white- out conditions
I sit in two layers
Blanket on lap
Kleenex, the whole box
My company
Squirrel in feeder leaves
Antsy dogs whining
My body aches
My lip dried and split
Ran into an elbow in slumber
Blood dry on the pillowcase.
Phone in to work
Why spread this crap to others
As they have to me.
Guessing the juice
Just wasn’t enough
Not feeling this is the life of my dreams
This space I take in this time
Squirrel tries to climb the round metal pole for food
Half way there
Feet slip
He slides back down
One step forward and twenty back.
Back to the rodent hole
To sleep off this blah
To wake inspired
To maybe move
Off the couch
To the kitchen for a bite
I cannot taste.