Spirit dance

The memory of blissful surrender
On a hot and steamy summer day
Walking along the river down in Savannah I held your hand
I remember that day as if it were yesterday.
We drove to the cemetery in search
Of midnight in the garden of good and evil
And it was so quiet but she was gone,
Removed so long ago.
The wind whispers from the distance
I feel at home in these places of loss.
Water and stone and wind.
I was born in the sign of cancer
And I feel my skin rise when I walk
Amongst those I call friends.
I hum to you, lonely stone statues
Can you hear me calling,
Hello again my precious
I have come back to see you.
The earth is packed hard, dried in the summer sun
From the thousands of feet who have
Walked along these paths,
Weaving in and out
Amongst bits and pieces and
Long forgotten names.
I wonder who you were
Sweet child gone too soon,
And who is left to cry for you
To wonder if
This is all there will ever be
When you turn to wind
Who will feel your spirit,
Who will call your name.


Coming up for air
Been way too long since this feeling was here,
Leaving me gasping, straining for that last bit
Of breath
To live and to believe in the good
That life is.
I saw the words that were written
And I flew so high, flittering wings caught by the
Air, the wind, the breeze that took me
Into the sun
Into the warmth of living.
The prism reflected through the fiber
Of color and lightness of being.
Out of the depths of this cocoon and into the sky
She flies away
Leaving nothing behind
Except the imprint of her memory
Surfacing in your mind.
The glimpse that she was here
And now gone.
Bouncing on invisible currents
The wind sweeping her
Into the future
Into tomorrow.