Beneath the step

I found you there
Growing quietly
Unannounced to the world
I spy a pretty
All by itself
Yet content.
I don’t know why I stopped
Grabbed the camera to capture
The simplicity of the moment.
I guess out of darkness
Beauty can thrive,
Can grow in fact.
You can’t put down
What must be,
You must allow the time
For blossoming,
To fill the purpose
That was meant
For this flower,
For you,
For me.
I tend to move
Out of darkness into light
Then back again
Always changing
Never the same.
That little flower gone now,
A bed of white snow takes her place.
Having served her purpose
She ended in a vase

fruit loop

One of those days
Tripping over myself
Almost left home
Without the eyeliner on.
For me a tragedy
For when you have one of those days
You need to feel as if you at least
Look ok,
No eyeliner equals
Oh my god, didn’t you sleep last night comments
And oh, poor thing, you should go home, you look Ill.
The sun is out
At least I think it’s the sun,
Seems so long since it’s been here
Almost forgot what it looked like,
Vitamin D deficiency an everyday occurrence
Here in not so sunny Buffalo.
So, eyeliner in place,
Spilt my Cheerios all over the table
Chasing the stupid I do what I want cat off of the counter.
Maybe what I really need is a fruit loop kind of day,
You know the kind,
Happy bright colors,
Little pretty round circles that look much better than
The healthy Cheerios. And the milk, hmmmm look at that nice shade of
Multi colors that leeched out of my food.
Yeah, maybe that’s what I need.
Or better yet,
I go back to sleep and start my day all over again,
But then my eyeliner will smudge on my pillowcases and that wouldn’t be good,
Besides, there’s already dog prints on there, artsy, cute, right?
So, here I sit at work,
Watching the clock go tick tock,
Then another meeting
And later another…..good god, it never ends.
Maybe I’ll sit through it and dream of better days,
Fruit loop kind of days….
But that would be like retirement.
I can still dream, right?

Happy meal

I’d like a toy please
A boys toy
Eighty nine dollar happy meal
Guess it’s super happy.
Heroin within’
What the hell
Guess that’s one way to make
More than the minimum wage
Strung out on those fries
Hey, where’s my cheeseburger.
Keep the apple slices please
Don’t like that Crap that’s good for you.
Good god now I know why
I only watch the weather.
I thought the cops only hung out
Where the donuts live,
Maybe in the drive- thru the dude got
The wrong colorful box of goodness
Scary world we live in…
Pass the onion rings please
And do you all have those minty shamrock shakes yet?
Yeah, the one with the rocks in it.
No, not yet? Never mind,
Just gimme a small coffee,