Thoughts on Heathaze

“No cloud, a sleepy calm
Sun baked earth that’s cooled by gentle breeze
And trees with rustling leaves
Only endless days without a care
Nothing must be done”

“Silent as a day can be
Far off sounds of others on their chosen run
As they do all those things they feel give life some meaning
Even if they’re dull”

Miles of dust covered roads and winds of
Whipping sand
Traveling the barren Utah landscape
So surreal almost to the point of dreamlike.
This hot July sun scorches the skin
And the metal beast keeps
Moving down this twisting turning road
That seems never ending.

“Time to stop this dreaming, must rejoin the real world
As revealed by orange lights and a smoky atmosphere”

“The trees and I are shaken by the same winds but whereas
The trees will lose their withered leaves
I just can’t seem to let them loose
And they can’t refresh me those hot winds of the south
Feel like an alien, a stranger in an alien place”

Tired from drifting in this landscape
Tomorrow new horizons
Colorado or New Mexico,
Arizona …..the days all blend in,
Destination who knows
Just a general escape on two wheels
And an awe of places I had never been.
Solitary highways
My body aches
600 miles to go before sleep.

“Now the light is fading fast
Chances slip away, a time will come to pass
When there’ll be none
Then addicted to a perfumed poison
Betrayed by its aftertaste
We shall lose the wonder and find nothing in return
Many are the substitutes but they’re powerless an their own”

“Beware the fisherman who’s casting out his line
Into a dried up river bed
But don’t try to tell him ’cause he won’t believe you
Throw some bread to the ducks instead, it’s easier that way
Feel like an alien, a stranger in an alien place”

forests if Gila
And then trees that are now more,
Dark strangled sticks
That had once sheltered this land.
Blackened by fire not so long ago
In the distance there is another
It’s Heathaze covers the sun
Leaving it in an eerie glow
Like a melted sky that can’t get through.
To the canyon of water
Now sitting so low,ships ride on rock
And no one swims here no more.

Quoted lyrics by Tony Banks (Genesis)


The time is now

Photo from of Florida, Internet

The time is now
Escape the force
The maelstrom of feeling
To search for higher
Meaning of this heart.
The time is now
For picking up pieces
Of yesterday’s broken dreams
That litter the ground
And cut at the skin of my feet.
Now is the time
To see the brightest tomorrow
That sits awaiting my reach
To be all we were meant to become
Fulfilling the promise
Of words unspoken.
My time is now
To reach my arms out to the morning
That refreshes the soul,
That sunlight essence
I bask in the glow
Of today.
Join me in this journey
Our path is before us
Beckoning us with the mystery
Of what is
Of what could be.