On the silence

In silence you sit
Mad hatter
Twisted smile
Something amiss
You shrug and say nothing to the request
What is wrong.
I wear my mask
I cannot force
What doesn’t want to be shared
Ego holding hostage
I think too much
But I shall escape to
Walk away and live my moment as you wallow
Within your misery.
Song in my head
I hum along
Save it for another day
I close my eyes and let sleep erase
This thought
I shall awake rejoicing
And blessed

“Your painted smile hides you still while you search yourself within
Yesterday and tomorrow’s found, fused as one upon solid ground
As all around, the milling crowd confuse themselves with raging sounds
And their love’s forgetfulness abounds
So be thankful for your grease painted clown
If lonliness wears the crown of the veteran cosmic rocker”
Lyric by the Moody Blues

Photo by Anthony Grahl

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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