Ahhh perfect

Under the sky
The deep ruby red wine twinkles in the sunlight
Warm to the throat
A light coating remains as it slides back and forth
Settling in the bottom
Like rocks in a river
Ripples move with the slight of hand
I drink it in
Breathe so deep
I can almost taste
The fine exquisite flavor of vanilla and oak
The cheese on the plate gives its scent
The crusty bread with oil
And crumbs dot the table.
On the breeze
The dragonflies flit off of the pond
As the heat rises
I relax
A perfect day.

5 thoughts on “Ahhh perfect

  1. Never my intention…there is still cheese and berries and sun, never forget the sun. I am glad you enjoyed and a nice cider works as well….just praying for sun and warmth in western NY. Glad you enjoyed.


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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