Empty cup

I found your favorite tea cup the other day
While cleaning out the clutter of my life
Unwrapping the paper I held
The fragile cup in my hands.
I remember when you bought this on a trip to Florida
Back when you were a snow bird
You would fly away and leave the cup behind with me
Telling me everyday at twelve o’clock
Pour yourself a cup of tea
Think of me and it will be like I am there.
Faithfully for months I did this,
Knowing that in the sunshine you sat
Partaking of a sip of tea with me,
Our daily tea party.
I hold the cup in my hand
And can’t believe it has been thirty seven years
Gone by
And I sit here with tears running
Because I can’t believe I have forgotten.
I take the cup and carefully tiptoe
Down the creaky old stairs
Wash the residue of years gone by off
And put the kettle on to boil.
I fill the cup with water not too hot
Just the way you taught me
Add some dried hibiscus flowers to the strainer
I pour the water slowly
Filling the cup with hopes and dreams
And love, must not forget the love,
Tears and laughter, in too. Did I forget anything?
I patiently wait.
I think we are all set now,
I grab a biscuit and take a sip
And we are together again
Just like yesterday.
The sun peeks out for a moment
From behind the clouds that have been
Hanging so low all day
I smile and take another sip.
Thank you
So simple
This joy
This moment.
I miss you.

4 thoughts on “Empty cup

  1. Thank you, I am working on trying to fine tune and add more positivity, my thoughts run all over, hard to wrangle into the funnel to make them work out right sometimes. Thank you for your kind words.


  2. “Filling the cup with hopes and dreams
    And love, must not forget the love,
    Tears and laughter, in too. Did I forget anything?”
    I enjoyed the complete poem. Photo gave strength and life to the amazing poetry for love.


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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