Damn, no football tomorrow

I am a girl
And I am not ashamed to admit
I have sports season ending dysfunction disorder.
The big game over
What now…..my hockey team sucks,
Then again my football team sucked too
But it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy putting on
The I believe in you and this time you’re going to win face.
The hopes that were squashed for how many years straight
I cannot begin to count,
Maybe I wasn’t even born yet the last time we won big.
when you are from Buffalo there is not much to do,
Bonfires and beers in summer,
Grilling all year long is the one thing we have gotten down to a science.
Maybe it’s the tailgating thing.
I know it wasn’t the four year straight Super Bowl loss
And at the time working for a local pizzeria was a nightmare in itself,
Although with all that running it was great for weight loss, standing in front of six hot ovens all day,
But I remained a fan.
I look out at the bonfire pit and feel sad.
Where are the good times now?
There’s always baseball but that’s not the same,
Besides I have to go to Tampa to see my fave team, unless they hit Cleveland then I can drive.
But no football….sigh…..I suppose I could watch the Olympics but it doesn’t come close to the same level.
What I need is football inspiration….maybe a good OJ car chase…..or some other football memory…but then again….there’s just too many I want to forget.
So I will trudge to work every day and look at our beautiful, um yeah…stadium and feel the wind whip through the open barren parking lots with no tailgaters in sight…..and dream of the better days to come….because I believe…..
I didn’t mention hockey here much,
Just hoping to score a first round draft pick and maybe things will get better.
Until then,
There’s always beer…..cold one anyone?

Oh, is winter over?

A birthday dinner, not mine thank god
Not ready for another year older
Just waiting for spring.
I am not ready to be a girly girl yet
I like the cave aspect of winter
Stay inside
No bikini needed
No razor shall be dulled
In the perfection of this girl.
So much money saved all winter
Am I rich yet?


Do I have to wear a dress? Really?
How about those thigh high boots?
Now that would be my salvation.
No? Hmmmmmm…..
I think I feel a cold coming on, maybe I should
Stay home and hang with the dogs,
They get lonely after all….
Humph ….ok, I guess I’ll go shower,
It may be awhile,
Get the band aids ready just in case…..
Do you have the sheep shears handy?



My heart seeks
The elusive creature
Crayola tint
In a screaming white moment
This ice
Not fleeting
I long for the kiss
Of colour.
Ah sweetness
I close my eyes
Touch you so tenderly
Fragile buds
I hear the call to the end
Of this frozen prison
I hear the whisper
Of a tomorrow
For your arrival
Seasons shifting
Coming home
I have missed my friend.