The waiting

Full from fresh seed
They come round the house
Funny little things
How they stare through
The dulled glass
Of a winter too long
More they seem to say
Their chirp heard on the wind
They sit and wait
Maybe for spring
Or a better day
I do not know
But the cat sits
Making weird little mocking
Chirps through the window
They laugh in their safety
On wire thin branches
That would not hold
The feline for long
They will fly to
The fifty foot pine
Their shelter
Their home,
Where they too will wait
Longing for warmth.

Wardrobe…escape to Narnia

Land of mystery
Walk through the hallowed doors
That creak with age
The slow decay
Old houses and forgotten hideaways.
Peering in the magic
Of this wooden entrance
Portal to other lands
And faerie flicker
Lights here and there beckoning
Come my child.
Down the path
Oh the things we shall see
Eager anticipation awaits
The heart beating faster
Fear or no
It must be better here,
We shall see around the next
Turn in the stone path
The splendid witch stands
Along side the lion
They are friends
They have been here
Since time began
They will rescue the poor soul
Who comes to seek shelter
In this far off land
Of ice and snow and
Then back again
We shall return
Once again.

Light to Dark

Caught between
The here and now
Contrasted light and feeling
Time warp of extremes
Ever changing
Spectacle of the universe
Motion in play
Light to dark
The storm like emotion
Always changing
Never ending
Where to go
When the cloud gathers
The strong to stay
The weak to run
And those that stand tall
Lost in the thick of it all.
I see the future
The coming rain
Washes me away
In the power
The river
The life it possesses.