Empty room

I come to a place
It is a large empty room
That resides behind
My eyes
This place of dreams and peace
When I need to find
A quiet area
Close my eyes and see
The windows with the curtains swaying
Softly in the breeze
It is a welcoming place
With a small square box
That I sit before
And just be and reflect
And let go
And get lost
In the moment
Of my dreamlike thoughts.
I have not been in quite awhile
And I am sad
I find
My curtains gone
And graffiti mars the surface
How could I have let it get this far
Clean the clutter
Fresh coat of dream paint and she will be
Smooth and shiny and white,
Welcoming and deserving of
My meditation
She will be whole
And she will welcome
The future
The dream
The room

Calling me

This you see here
Swinging silently
Seeming so alone
Yet inviting
Come join me
It seems to say
Stay awhile
And swing with me
Below the trees
At the edge of a sun
That is edging down
to the point of surrender
To end the visit
In beauty
And peace.
I see the fire reflected
Off of the glistening water
Burning in my eyes
I close them
Hesitating one last second
Succumbing to the bliss
That awaits
The empty space
Once more.