Button up

Sewn with love
But falling off
Small token
To be found by
A child’s hand perhaps
A good thought
Spreading the love
If even by chance
A happy token
Off to the next destination
The next pocket to be put in
The next hand to hold it
The next needle to thread it
Till someday lost again
And found
And round it goes

And the asshat award goes to…..

Yesterday was a crazy day…and not necessarily in a good way. Maybe I was just too awake and noticing more than I normally would on human behavior. Here are some of my findings…..

What not to do…..do not drive a Nissan truck with the tailgate down hauling a derelict Kawasaki snowmobile while hanging an American flag up with the bumper sticker USA RIP on it. WTF dude…..

When you come to an intersection and you have a red light, it is NOT cool to make a left into the traffic that has the green light. Even if you do drive a Saab. Got that lady snob?

Stop signs are there for you to stop, not just barrel through and turning right super fast so you can be the first in line up a road….unless of course said road is icy which it was NOT!!!

Hey snow blowing jerk…not the one in the picture by the way….if you see people coming, turn the chute AWAY from oncoming cars…I know mine is dirty but I don’t need an ice and snow bath or broken windows for that matter.

Do not hang an open sign on a business that is no longer in existence. Got that too expensive antique dealer?

Hey there chickie….eat your donut and talk on your cell phone at home or something…we have laws you know…at least about the cell phone.

Do not hang a sign one foot from a curb on a corner and tell people No parking here to corner….really? What would we park? Ten matchbox cars? Maybe one small ass?

I realize you know where all the potholes are but it is Never a good idea to drive on the wrong side of the road playing chicken with an oncoming bus load of kids just to save an alignment .
Patience grasshopper…..are you really in that much of a hurry.

And last but not least, if you walk into the ladies room and there are three stalls and all the toilets are filled with ick, flush after yourselves or everyone will keep going thinking they are all broken when we all know sometimes you have to hold the handle down a little longer….I know it is tough to do with your foot and all…..oh yeah and by the way, boogers go in kleenexes, not on the wall.