A momentary time warp

Moving along

touching things unmarked

thrust into a new place

how had I been blind

these bright lights shiny

new faces

new words

inspiration at every turn

and I wonder how I never knew

the hole to travel

through to get to 


So much goodness and light

i can feel the smile and laughter

in each phrase

each thought of another

the pilgrims on a journey together

to find a new land



by the ignorance of man.

i shall come again

when the time is right

to seek the portal

and time warp

to the heart

of all that matters.


Moon throwing shadows
Tree legs stand guard around me
I stand in darkness.

Surreal world with the moon so full
Almost like a watercolor night
Tree shadows splashed
On a pale blue canvas
Shadows of the hounds
Treading on crackling snow
Minus five
And all is right
As the moon illuminates my face
In the glass of the door
Edged in frost
I am
Warm in the confines
Of the shadow.