Love you more……

You and I
Where every day is ours
Every day is a good day
As we awake to share
The routine
The coffee and shadows of morning
Rushing off to another workday
Apart till evening almost comes
But the days are getting longer
And we have so much to see
So much to do
I and you
And not a day slips by without
I love you
I love you more
A phone call
A hello kiss
Ah this life is bliss
And the world is ours
To do as it will
Here or there
Or anywhere
If you and I
Walk hand in hand
In love
In friendship
In peace
On this our day
And every day
We have no wants or needs
We have everything.
And still
I love you more.

My funny valentine…..

Ok, another hallmark reason for doling out six bucks on a pretty card is one reason I am not a big fan of holidays but there are ways around things where you can still enjoy the days and find a chuckle too.
Awwww getting married? Do it like us ON valentines day…then only one card to buy, or even better yet, we go to the store together each picking out a card and exchanging in the aisle…”I picked this one just for you lovie” and he ” I picked this one for you with lots of love”. Read it….then put it back. If you do this for every holiday, look at how much money you can save.

The pups woke me in the middle of the night, and as I usually do, the little hamster on the wheel in my brain thinks it’s time to exercise so I think, and then I think some more….most of the time I can fall back to sleep. Last night, or should I say around three hours ago my thoughts ran to…..hey what does this sound like spelled backwards….
LOVE=EVOL, evil, really? I think not…I love love. I don’t find it evil at all.
KISS=SSIK, sick?? Nah kissing is fun.
SEX=XES, excess? The men wish I am sure….those are the only three that came to me before I went nappy nap again.

The heart, on a not so fun matter, letting the pups out to watch them chase something….straight into the road as I screamed like an idiot out the window at one thirty am only to I think, see them flip me off and keep going…grrrrr as the heart pounding looking for lights in the road… cars thank God, and then rushing for the door to save the blooming idgits and trip over not one but two cats in the dark. Wandering out in my bathrobe and boots yelling for them, ahhhh nothing like a raw throat. Now the old heart is really pumping and blood pressure is through the roof. If anyone thinks I don’t have a heart I must say you are wrong because I felt it bursting through my chest. Yep, it is there.

Tonight is lovies turn to bring home the ‘sprise. Every Friday night we have surprise night for dinner and we take turns. On the way home stopping for dinner (take out). It’s like the forest gump box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get, pizza, sushi, Thai, Asian fusion, who knows. I heard yesterday McDonalds is doing a valentines dinner, same menu but tablecloths, waiter/waitress to take your order and oh my gosh, candles. I would think the live fire would ignite the grease in the air. If he brings home McDonalds it will be a short marriage…just sayin’… case you’re reading this my love.