“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.”
― Jean Houston

I awoke this morning
Filled with an unexplained joy
A smile in the mirror
And though I can share it
With those That are near
the people behind
The written word found
In this internet world,
I have found this picture
That I believe says it all.
Tibetan child laughing.
I give this gift of a smile
To you
To the world.
I wish I had been the one
To capture this moment on film.
It is indeed priceless
The smile of a child.
Peace for a beautiful light day.
Find joy,
Be happy

A table for many

Join me
The whole of the world
All welcome
We shall sit
Sharing tales and
Camaraderie and laughter
You and I
A celebration
Of a world united
In this moment
Of love
Of laughter
We will tell of dreams
And wishes
Making a toast to
A new and bright tomorrow
That will shine better
Brighter than today.
I close my eyes and see it
Spread before me
Inspiration of joy
Friends and strangers
Come together
For this table is set
For you to enjoy
The dream that is life
And the hope for the future
Where no one is hungry
Where no one is alone
At this table
Of unlimited chairs
I welcome you there.
This table IS life
It will be all you make of it
So come and share
We are waiting for you.