To see the downward spiral

He stands before the crowd
The puppet master handling the strings
Through laughter and lack of regard
For the audience
He struts and swears
Finding amusement
All about him, work the crowd
Get a laugh
The descent begins.
In anger they speak
As he turns his back
It is about him
Looking buddy buddy
The spiral downward.
She gets up visibly angry
And leaves
And he sees that the harm
Has been caused
But does not follow her,
Continuing on as the rail
Slides out from under the derailing train,
Another, then another,
Losing the audience
Because they know
That this is just wrong,
That this isn’t funny
And once respect is gone,
It cannot be brought back.
The downward spiral complete
He turns to walk away
The audience gone
No one there
For an ovation,
An encore.
Maybe next week
Same time.

Thoughts on a meeting……
Gone wrong.