I am

She waits for me
In a dream
Fragmented shining light
White, so much so
I am standing tall
Distance separates
The reality
From the magic
That is really all the same
Because I am
And she is me.
Mirror life ask
To receive
The universe lays
The gifts at your feet,
The ability to
Empty the mind of fear,
Then filling it with joy
So simple
Make it so
I am
The girl
That believes in magic

I am
And that is all.

4 thoughts on “I am

  1. You are most welcome my friend…weekends have turned into my catch up reading time….always enjoy your stories though😊 thank you kindly and have a great day😊 Kim


  2. I think it is always nice to believe in magic and other fantasy thoughts! It helps make life more interesting and full of imagination, too! smiles, Robin


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