The agony

Sitting reclining position with a tv on the ceiling
Getting my teeth cleaned
As Canada scores the OT goals against USA.
I was still proud
But as my face is contorted with a hygienists fist
Within with the scraper
I was almost angry a these ladies.
Sure, they lost
Sure their dream is lost….but it is a dream
And with talent as they have,
There will be other dreams.
Very few smiled
Most looked just pissed,
Why??? You won silver. You won. Do you not see that?
Something is better than nothing.
You worked hard but there can only be
One gold medal. 2nd place not something in your mind?
You made it that far. That is an accomplishment .
Many never do. So for gods sake, smile already.
You were blessed with talent and you did something
That very few will ever do.
I want to be proud, but I need an acknowledgement
That somewhere inside you, you are proud to be
An American and to stand on that podium, Representing your country
And smile a bright smile, even if through tears.
You have a whole life ahead. Shine in this moment
Even as you die a little inside.

A dream of endless time

Things I have found
As true through life
With most of the friends I speak to
The biggest concern is a lack of time.
Something we take for granted
That here will be that endless supply
Always available to do as we wish.
As I get older I learn more daily
That no matter what I do,
There never seems to be enough of it.
There was a song when I was a teen
The Moody Blues sang of having
22,000 days. My sister told me at the time
It was all about how much time we had to live our lives,
Well if that were true I have about thirteen or so left in me.
I do not believe this.
I guess it boils down to how we spend our time.
Are we doing what we love to do?
Are we doing in life what we are passionate about?
Are we stopping to spend time with loved ones
And for that matter, telling them how much we care?
Are we sharing laughter and smiles with those we have to deal with
On a daily basis, or trying to make their day lighter, brighter?
Do we say I love you enough,
Do we hug enough,
Do we share enough.
I know it seems a lot of time the trade off is shorting yourself
From precious time, and giving it to necessity,
Maybe the things we really don’t want to do, but have to do.
I am grateful for my time I get to spend here
And doubly grateful for the fact that you use your valuable time
To stop and read what I write, sharing these moments with me.
Thank you, and thank you again.
13 years, wow… no no….I will not go quietly or that soon.
I will stand up,
Smash the watch and create a void of space
And share myself, my words, my gift with you.
What will you do with your 22,000 days? I say, turn them into 36,500.
Let’s live to be 100.
My mind says yes, but I know my aching joints will say
To hell with that!!!

22,000 Days-The moody blues (lyrics the Moody Blues)excerpt

“Even tho’ I know it’s only
Me and my dreams
That drive me so let me go please
Let me go onto tomorrow
One day at a time
Now I know the only foe is time

22,000 days, 22,000 days it’s not alot,
It’s all you got 22,000 days
22,000 nights, 22,000 nights, it’s all you know
So start the show and this time
Feel the flow and get it right

Now the time when I first saw you is over and gone
Then I knew my life with you would go on
Knowing you so much longer
I’ve change in mind change for you
You have changed to mine”

At your service

Such a busy place
All hours of the day and night
Door open
Door close
Goodbye and come again
Let me help you with that
Would you like a bite to eat?
That way to the snack jar.
Stairs that way
To your quarters
Or sit in the lobby
Sit on the couch awhile
Enjoy the ambience.
What a gorgeous view
Is there something I can get you?
Ooo let me get a towel
Don’t slip on that wet spot
Wipe your feet on the rug
Don’t slip
In and out
And have a nice day.