The agony

Sitting reclining position with a tv on the ceiling
Getting my teeth cleaned
As Canada scores the OT goals against USA.
I was still proud
But as my face is contorted with a hygienists fist
Within with the scraper
I was almost angry a these ladies.
Sure, they lost
Sure their dream is lost….but it is a dream
And with talent as they have,
There will be other dreams.
Very few smiled
Most looked just pissed,
Why??? You won silver. You won. Do you not see that?
Something is better than nothing.
You worked hard but there can only be
One gold medal. 2nd place not something in your mind?
You made it that far. That is an accomplishment .
Many never do. So for gods sake, smile already.
You were blessed with talent and you did something
That very few will ever do.
I want to be proud, but I need an acknowledgement
That somewhere inside you, you are proud to be
An American and to stand on that podium, Representing your country
And smile a bright smile, even if through tears.
You have a whole life ahead. Shine in this moment
Even as you die a little inside.

3 thoughts on “The agony

  1. I think it’s understandable that they’re disappointed but sportsmanship demands a brave face and gratitude to have come so far. It’s what we try to teach young ones and I think we have to do no less. Their accomplishment is still awesome. x


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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