My day….thank you….now get in the bag you little buggers.

I thought I would celebrate today, received 200 followers was nominated for two awards of which I am grateful so I thought I would spend a wee bit of time here telling you of my day.
Yesterday I was reblogged on hocuspocus13 and to see 45 emails awaiting me almost gave me a heart attack. Wow people, you rock and I am blessed. Thank you. How I spent my day celebrating….as told in a number fashion…..
How many cups of coffee I have had? 5 and now have to make another pot…can you say caffeine buzz? I think I am immune actually.
number of times I have let the dogs/cat out to catch the two squirrels that are ransacking my feeder. 10. How many squirrels caught. 0. But hey, they’ve met their aerobic challenge for the day, dogs and squirrels that is…..

What I had for breakfast? 2 KFC biscuits, 1 cup of yummy yogurt, handful of nuts and 0 pieces of cake. I do not have any cake, therefor I cannot partake in cake. Bummer.

Razors killed in the grooming of the winter trunks? 2, dropped one and was worried about a nick in it and lacerations(0) as summer is coming.
Bottle of drano used to clean tub after shaving? 0. Haha, bet you thought it was at least one.
now cleaned and charged up I trudged downstairs in my robe to grab the vacuum . I have a love/hate affair with this machine. It sucks…I mean really really sucks. Dog hair, cords, everything, you name it. My hose is big. Yeah, really long. I love this vacuum, I just hate vacuuming. But there was a little chore to contend with. Ladybugs. The other day was almost 50 degrees and the little bugs were buggering again. So with big hose in hand I made a point to count them as they were forcefully sucked into the world of the bag. Dead ones counted too…302. Yeah, wow. I finish my job, now glistening in the steamy bathroom, wrap up the cord, turn around and I spy two more….oh my god, does it end? Unwrap and suck some more….and got two cobwebs on the roof too…..I think the ladybugs must have eaten the spider or something.
Here is one escapee….sorry for the not so great pic but it saw me coming and tried to fly away to somewhere other than the hose bag.
I let that one live…..
Minutes till hubby gets out of work? 45…..
Dishes washed-0
Followers-200 I feel like Sally Field….you like me, you really like me…..she says gushing and filled with joy.
Thank you, thank you….times 200.

Dying Flower

A gift
Well intentioned
Blooms so beautiful
Gentle orchid
I’ve seen you grow wild
Wrapped to a palm
In a far away place
Slowly they die
The blossom droop
And hang
They know this is not
Their place
The cold kills
Those not hardy
But you are foreign
To this place
To the table you rest on
And daily you fade
And I am sad
Because you belong
Blowing in a warm gentle wind
Amongst your own
You deserved to live
To fulfill Your true purpose.
I am grateful for your beauty
Even in your dying
I have tried
Yet I cannot give life
To the gentle alien
Lost out of her world.