Feeling Punchy…hmmmmm

Sitting in this room
Where All around is gloom
The people sit and chow
Most chewing like a cow.
I sit and eat some cake
And try to stay awake
This day is still not through
But still not sniffing glue.
I try to eat my lunch
And sip my Hawaiian punch
Which makes me think of you
Ooooo what’s a girl to do?
I shall be kind of loopy
The gravitar is snoopy
I think this work just sucks
We follow along like ducks.
I wish that I were rich
I would never be called a B$&ch,
If I were punchy too
I’d be just as grand as you.

Childish fun thought for my pal in the far off Punchy Lands.
Ooooooo and I didn’t have to swear,
But the days not over yet


She sings quietly
A smile on her face
A ditty from Vince
And Merry Christmas Charlie Brown
The shovel pushes
Hitting cracks in the pavement
Stopping the wrist
With a snapping ache
She wants to be happy
So she hums
While she moves the snow
To the pile.
It seems like forever
Since she wore shorts
Or sat in the chairs beyond.
They sit like small white mountains
Lonely for company.
It’s been months
Since she saw running water at
The pond on the hill.
The birds so hungry,
They sit on the branches and wait,
As the snow whips through
They shelter on the ledge
Of the feeder that swings
She fills it again
Food scarce
Winter choking
She silently thinks