Feeling Punchy…hmmmmm

Sitting in this room
Where All around is gloom
The people sit and chow
Most chewing like a cow.
I sit and eat some cake
And try to stay awake
This day is still not through
But still not sniffing glue.
I try to eat my lunch
And sip my Hawaiian punch
Which makes me think of you
Ooooo what’s a girl to do?
I shall be kind of loopy
The gravitar is snoopy
I think this work just sucks
We follow along like ducks.
I wish that I were rich
I would never be called a B$&ch,
If I were punchy too
I’d be just as grand as you.

Childish fun thought for my pal in the far off Punchy Lands.
Ooooooo and I didn’t have to swear,
But the days not over yet

7 thoughts on “Feeling Punchy…hmmmmm

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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