This morning I had done a post on lost and was kindly asked by a
Certain professor VJ Drake to follow up with one on found.
I usually write free flow on whatever pops in my little pea brain
At a given moment and nothing is flowing for found
But I shall arise to the challenge and try…..
I have lost pennies
Never to be found
By my hand
I give it to the world a gift
For another to possess.
I have found white feathers lately
And am told that it is an angel
Letting me know they are there….
I switched to foam pillows for a reason….
But enjoy them nonetheless. No word on where
They actually came from so I will buy into the angel
Aspect for now.
I have found three buttons in a single week,
Someone’s pants may be falling down,
Did not notice….not my issue I suppose.
I lost my unicorn
But he came back
No calls necessary.
Finders keepers.
I did not find the cache of old gold in California…
Or did I ???? Hmmmm guess you’ll never know,
Unless of course I start posting from Bali…..
virginity….once lost, some things can never be found again…sorry….
My mind, well that gets lost and found on a regular basis.
New friends on WordPress…..probably one of my best finds in a long time.
time, nope, that one keeps eluding me daily. Never enough of it, kind of like solid sleep,
Never enough of that.
A positive attitude, that one likes to hang with me, and I like that. Don’t ever want to lose that one.
a liking for mushrooms. Nope, will never find that!
love, yep, found that and it is priceless.
Laughter….need to find me some more of that:)
Wisdom…still on that search….although I have my moments, sometimes I would rather listen to my inner four year old and ignore that wisdom stuff.
Dreams….oh baby, found many of those and they keep coming true.
So that is my piece on found with a little lost thrown in for good measure.
I hope this suffices professor and that I get a good grade.
Just please don’t call in the grammar police….I am in hiding and they haven’t
Discovered me yet.


One of the days
The man in the machine
Tells me
It’s New Years
Yet something amiss
If my calendar is true
Every post
Is New Years
But I see no champagne
Nor party hats,
No special night out planned
Have I gone back
To revisit time
Wake me up,
Like the groundhog
I long to crawl back in
And see things
Back to right.

Musings on why my wordpress reader was all old posts from New Years this am….
Happy new year everyone…..again.


I felt the stream
The flow of words
As I lay waiting
For sleep to claim my mind
And I thought to myself
I should write this down,
I wish I had a recorder
I will remember this in the morning,
I recited the words over
Like a mantra in my head
And it was about the lost meaning
Of what is between the lines
Of the invisible
Of the things left unsaid
And I awoke in the night
And stood with the cold
And the snow blowing on my face
Each time the door opened
And it felt refreshing
And I strained to remember
The words
And I found they were now lost
Drifting in my dream world
Perhaps to be found
Another day
And captured
Like a butterfly
In a jar.