Moon shadow ….light

Cloudless sky
Midnight hour
I reach out to touch
The tiny stars
That hang suspended
In the black blue sky.
Sliver orb
I know you will return
And show your full glory
As you do each month
And spread your light
On this sleepless soul.
The winter sky
So beautiful and the
Expanse of your show
Spread like a blanket
the cold slices
My face like knives
With this wind
Balancing beauty and pain
Light and dark
Wax and wane
You and I
Ever present
In this universal moment.
Long ago I stood
A rooftop in Rincon
The man said this would be
The grandest in size you would ever see,
Raising the tides eight feet higher
And I captured you
Through the waving palms
And saw the ocean at my feet
Unchanged, rolling
And knew that I
Had been changed by
An experience
That would never come again.
I had held the moon.

2 thoughts on “Moon shadow ….light

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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