All the pretty horses

All she ever wanted
Just a horse, a friendly beast
That’s she could call her own.
A beauty, any color would do,
Big or small
Any size at all,
It didn’t matter
Because it would be hers.
And she could call it any name
That she felt like, and she would talk to it,
Feed it, tell it her secrets
And it would understand.
It would rescue her and take her far away
From this life she lived,
The terrors surrounding her.
The nightmares would disappear
If she only had a horse, any horse would do.
It would be a magical beast
With powers to make her invisible,
To hide her in the darkness
To let her grow up and be brave.
She would have a friend
And they would ride in the sunshine
In meadows
And the horse would munch on tall grasses
And apples and carrots too, she told herself.
Yes, it would be just her and her horse
And it would be all she would ever need.
I saw her cry when they told her no
Yet once again,
And a piece of her died inside.
I gave her my stuffed one, but it was not
All she needed, all she wanted,
It would not take her away,
It would not stop her tears
It would not piece back together her soul.
As she grew up, she never got a horse,
I don’t know if she still dreams of it,
Or not.
I hope she’s found all she needs
I hope she still has some dreams
That do come true.

Color of life

Rain soaked pavement
I see the color of evening sky
Changing with
The passing storm.
Walking to the pit pat of rain
Falling from the trees that line
This quiet walkway,
Just you and I
And nowhere to be,
Just out aimlessly
Breathing in the warm spring rain.
Ah, this moment
Captured by unknown
I pretend it is us,
As we had been there before.
Venice or Charleston,
Different towns
But beautiful
In a fresh wet clean way
As the drop slips off the umbrella
And unnoticed slips down my back
Leaving a darkened line
Before it disappears
Drying with the emerging sunset.

My friend added his lines to my poem,
They deserve to be included. Thanks you sanjeetv.

Walking lovers
under running cloud
Two hearts are talking
But not so loud
Two lovers away from crowd
Mixing of Beat of raindrops
With beat of heart is allowed

Peace and poop

I sit in my thoughts
Wrapped like a soft scarf
Under my dreaming tree.
I watch this world
As it moves around me
And I am a part of it
Yet choose to sit and stay
In the shade of this moment.
The sweetest days are those
That can be light and easy,
No place to be
No cares in the world,
Just to sit and be
A part of each second
The quietly ticks by.
Sun shine trickles through the leaves
Music from an open window
Softly I sway
Like a branch in the wind.
The bird above me looks down
And blesses me with a gift
On my toe,
My mother tells me this is good luck
But I don’t see how,
Nature interrupted
My blissful moment smeared
With life and it’s remnants,
Blessed indeed?

Thoughts from when I was twelve and first learning to
Write my thoughts down. Bird doo on my shoe, and yes I was told it was good luck.
If anyone knows if this is true or not, please tell me:) If not I will live in my oblivion and chalk it up to wishful thinking:)