Stripes ( an ode to Mr Johnson)

See the men in the
Pretty pinstripes
Singing their songs on the dock
Watching the trucks roll by.
Sweet lifting melodies
Floating on the air
Starched pastel shirts
Flying like flags,
Where is the parade
As the folks sing along
Sitting and tapping their feet
To the happy music.
Oh the barbershop quartet
That is the life for me
Singing with smiles so bright
Joy in the air
Like birdsong
To the ear.

To my favorite well dressed pinstriped pal.
Care and share lives.

Goodnight moon (NaPoWriMo)

Today the last day of,the challenge I thought I would hook it up with the hump day hubby prompt. The theme is write a poem about goodbyes and the hubby prompt was moon flowers so here you go my friends.

Little star
Slowly unwinding
Under moonlit skies
Short time
Beauty unfurled
Hello and with morning
Comes goodbye.
little moon flower
Your beauty
Finest pastels
Pinks and blues
Whites like the shining
Lights high above
You open to the moon
Showing your splendor.

Your crowning moment
Open you arms to the night
Waving hello
Then in dawns early light
Curling and drop in a bow
Goodbye for now.

Mirrored soul

Gaze into the glass
See the truth behind the eyes
Look deeply at what you see
And reach out
In peace
Touch the places that hurt
The soul covers so much area
And stand before the mirror
And accept
All that is.
Nothing perfect
Some things may not seem right
But perfection is what was created
We just close our eyes
Seeing through others
Perceiving through shallow
Believing the lies whispered.
Stand tall
Love and embrace all you see
Because you are your unique self
Cannot be anyone else,
There is only one you
And magnificent is the soul
That can shine
Through the insecurity,
Embrace the essence
That is you,
Love the self
That can look into the eyes in the mirror
And say out loud
I love you my friend.

As I get older I find I change as years pass, hair getting grey more and more, not so thin but I am not 17 anymore and I can say I like who I am, embrace what I see,
These were thoughts last night getting ready for bed as I looked in the mirror exhausted,
Gave myself a saucy smile and said goodnight beautiful.

Magic dance

She brushes the air with
Fingertip strokes
Soft as a feather
Leaving elements of herself
Falling like diamonds.
She twirls in her dance
Alone in her reverie
This life she claims
This moment
She dances unaware
Of the eyes of the woods
Watching her
Her beauty shining
Like a glow foreign
In the glade
She bows then lifts high
Her head
Hair falling
Spinning in abandon
She is free in this moment,
her birth.
Round and round
Spinning siren
Not a sound you hear
A whisper of the wind
Notes her movement
A leaf brushed by nothing
She has moved away
She cannot be seen
Just imagined
As the wild wind returns
And the void fills
Her spirit shadow full
With life
Once more.

the NaPoWriMo optional prompt left behind today, fire at work and no time
To deal with the prompt the way I would like, so you get magic instead.
Peace friends.

Links of silver

Pieced together
Pressed tight
One link to another
Like silver dreams
Flowing smooth
One to another.
Strange happenings
Sleep to wake
Then back again
Meshed into the previous
Thought of tired mind.
Under the night shroud
Twinkling silver shining
Little bits of stars
Against a blanket of darkest blue
My sky baubles flashing
Like a necklace on
The jewelers threads
So pretty
And priceless for
All eyes to see,
Links of the universe
One moment to next
Silver dream
In motion.

a reflection

Sing to me of youth
Reflections of yesterday
When the days seemed to last
Forever and a night,
When tired was not something
We wanted or knew
When time ticked away
Till bells rung
Releasing us from the bonds
Of learning,
To escape to the field in the sun
With laughter and friends
And childhoods that seemed
To take forever to end.
Where rainy day puddles
Were cherished
And everything moved
So slowly at times,
Seeming to last forever.
Where are the days
Of yesterday dreams
No rushing
No quota
No workday without end.
Where are our passions
Lost in the day to day
Living for that vacation
Sunny beaches
And days that end much much to soon.
When did we become those we said
We never would,
When did our souls wither
And pine away
For yesterday
Once more.

Pennies for thoughts (NaPoWriMo)

A penny for your thoughts
Two bits for two
Newspapers call out
All the bad news.
She did this and he did that
Up for adoption
A fluffy new cat,
The teams that won
The losers who lost
Nothing good
Can come across.
This politicians a liar,
Hell folks, that’s nothing new,
Why call it the news?
You’re giving me the blues.
If I’m not in the obits
A good day indeed,
Alphabetized daily
Or if special or rich a big headline above.
Coupons for this save thousands today,
If you needed a mattress
Half off in May.
Advice on etiquette Miss Manners knows best
And Abby or Ann, you’ve loosened in your years,
Relationship advice,
Hey no one can do that right.
I don’t read the paper
Or take others words
Nothing appealed to my senses
So this cheap drivel you get,
Not for a penny,
Nope, for free,
not a cent.

the challenge for today was take an article and rewrite using the words
Of the article. USA today wouldn’t let me copy on an iPad so I made this up instead.
Enjoy friends. For free.

golden sliver

Pieces of memories
Shiny like gold
Slivers of mystery
Stories untold.
Falling like raindrops
Into my soul
Forged by time
And tainted by none.
A witches spell
To soothe my mind
A piece
A post
Perhaps a rhyme,
A tune from ages
Plays round in my head
Golden needle
Skip skip skip
The record plays on
It is scratched.
Lift thy hand
And arm to match
Start again
This endless dance.

midnight party

Come out and see
Into the darkness
Awake from slumber
And step gently into the forest.
A party in your honor,
I hold a celebration
Dream friends await
The presence of innocence
To the event.
Ah, sweetness,
You’ve arrived
make your wish,
The forest hears
Your desires
And a balloon floats
Lightly dancing
For you.
A flower to love
Moon light bloom,
All for you
The masks removed
Nothing to fear,
We are here
For you.
Dreams of maiden child.