Open hands ( waiting on Zip)

I walked amongst the stars
Eternally present each night
I stand and stare
Ask for a sign
Light twinkles
Memory of long ago.
I hold my hands open
Catching the pieces of your spirit
That fall from
Rain drenched skies.
I hold them to my face
Water to tears mixed
Lovingly like a birthday cake
All together and sweet
Confection of sparkling twisting thoughts,
Hands open to catch you when you fall
From the sky,
My millions of stars
One by one memories of you.
I lick my lips
Taste the rain of night
And I realize
I can no longer remember your scent
The pines, the woods, earth-
And then I sit upon the ground
Amongst the dirt and debris
Trying to reclaim a part.
Hands full of rain,
I know you are around me
But will not come again
On this or any day
Except through my dreams.
My rain thoughts
My hands open
Always waiting

thoughts on Zip. We had picked him out ten years ago tomorrow.
Our SPCA poster dog on crazy pets:)
Miss him still.


Lost on a journey
Drifting down from the skies above
Landing in a cool stream
That flows where only I see
As I stand alone
And see the weightless treasure
Moving away.
I follow as long as I can
Cool water brushing my ankles
Over rocks and life
Treading carefully
Lest I fall
As I am not like this feather
I must measure my steps
And walk with purpose
But with caution,
I could so easily get lost
Underneath these depths
Of dreams and life
That carry me along on my path
Through land, wood, and water
I am this moment
In the woods
I am following the unknown
To see where it all ends
To see where it will reside
In this book of life.


Standing on the edge of perception
You smile at the world
As it unfolds around you.
Sweet maiden fair
You understand
More than most,
Your wisdom and truth
Shine like a beacon,
You spend your words wisely
Not to influence but to heal,
The chasm of the hearts
In a world that can be cruel
Are your challenge
To soften
To open
To hold gently
Like a child.
You are strong
Though you often feel weak,
You love deep
And share this fragile planet
Through your eyes we seek
The truth of all we search for,
The answers you hold
In your soul.