Beauty of hunt

Come to rest
Stay for but a moment
Eyes peer the nearby grass
Prey moving unaware.
Patience of the hunter
Hold, hold,
Wait for the right moment
Of surprise
To capture
The meal.
Spring beauty
Hunter flies high
Off to the woods
Beyond the horizon
Talons holding
The prize gained
You will not be
Hungry tonight.


The spiral path
Feather light she moves
Around and down.

Sublime color scheme
Pulls the eyes through haze
Rapture of movement.

Follow the way
Round and past each turn
Obscure end near.

This is my first entry to this site, I am not sure if I have done this right,
But here we go….push the button, and boom.


Never too late

She stood at the entrance
The lights dizzying
Sequins and women beautiful
Men regal and smooth
She is unsure
Being late to the ball
Slips in unnoticed
Mingles with the best
Hearing the talk
Each ways she turns,
Negative chatter
So not her style,
She does not belong amongst
The peacocks with their noses
So high in the air
She is walking slowly towards the door
And sees him standing there watching her
The magnificent boy
With the smile
He beckons her, come,
She hears his voice
So bright and sure
Takes his hand
Lowers her mask
And emerges on the other side
Where she belongs,
Out there with their kind,
Dreamers and lovers
Here and now,
They slip into the darkness
She smiles.