Glass of wine
Hand chilled from glass globe
I tip toe my way
To the sunny side of the pond.
Wood dry with sunlight
I lay my back down
Hard wood cuts into my shoulders
A seat not meant
For recline.
The sun beams past my sunglasses
I lift
To see the pink through closed eyes,
I inhale,
Ah yes,
The slight breeze off of the ice,
Broken edge where the dogs
Fell through on the edge,
Lesson learned? A cold bath
After a hard and long winter,
Their blood flowing with excitement,
Awake now they run.
A day in contemplation,
This is life,
To be,
To breathe,
No place to be.
The wine in my hand,
The glass bead marker jingles,
A lifting happy sound on the air,
I am home
And I am blessed.
A hard day ended,
Pups down for bed
Yet still I sit writing
This day in my head,
Peace tonight my friends,
This new spring night,
May the sun find you
Smiling with the suns rising light.

more words for Girls that smell of patchouli….

more words for Girls that smell of patchouli…..

One of my new found friends, check out her site, she likes ducks of which I cannot have ’cause my beasties would shred them.and…she likes purple more than I do if that is all possible.:) my sister from another mother…I checked with mine just to make sure but it’s all good:)
More contributions to the NaPoWriMo challenge…a great thing that creativity is:)