Oinker (NaPoWriMo day 10)

This little pig
Sits up on a shelf
Locked in his head
A prize of wealth.
he pops the snacks
To waiting dogs
Who come summertime
Will mostly prefer frogs.
He looks up at me
All bright and neat
He’s getting low
Soon no more treats.
The oinker yummies
Fill puppies tummies
Their happy eyes Begin to droop,
Tomorrow presents in form of poop.
So buy your friends this little piggie
They will be so happy and do a jiggy,
Beggin poppers the treat to buy
Insert treat and let them fly.


Today, I challenge you to write your own advertisement-poem. You don’t need to advertise Burma-Shave. Any product (or idea) will do.


She walks this earth
In search
The things she hopes to change,
She gathers courage like daisies
Found in quiet meadows
She seeks the sad
The lonely
She swims seas to sprinkle
Strength like water
From her sword that gleams
For all that is good
She fights.
She stands alone
Against the world
She hopes she can change it
Before time grows short
Before it’s too late,
She holds the beasts within her heart
Cradling the mammals
That perish on earth
She stands and speaks
For those that can’t
Those that won’t
She comes in peace
But will not surrender
Her strength is her soul
She is warrior
Through and through.