official hump day hubby prompt

So the hubs was so excited to get such a warm glowing reception
On his hubby prompt a few weeks ago and it is nice
As he doesn’t blog but follows me…that’s what hubbies do, right? So I told him every Tuesday night I will let him give me a prompt for Wednesday,
Hey, half way through the drudgery of another crappy…oops did I say
That out loud? Day at work, I will let him throw out a prompt (in his case most likely food)
As he is the master cook around here ( I am the expert dishwasher, or if lazy, use the
Master in waiting dishwasher) that would be the plug in cascade variety by the way for
Those who thought I had an extra man laying around to wait on me…
So if anyone wants to play along, give me some guidance but I would assume tag it or categorize it as
Hump day hubby prompt and play….and you don’t need a hubby to play along, ask a friend, ask your chum, ask the neighbor too. The prompt will come out Tuesday night to give you
Time to think of it. Can be a story, poem, or a deep childhood memory of home cooked meals or any meatloaf (singer too)…recipes work too if it is a foodie prompt….
Open forum…….without further ado….
the first hump day prompt will be….


I will write mine tomorrow and we can play the care and share prompt game if you wish,
Just thought I’d give you fair warning in case you see an unusual prompt a’la hubs 2morrow.
Peace and hope to see you tomorrow in a food state of mind….or whatever meatloaf means to you. Have fun and see you tomorrow. Hmmmmm brain cells are already humming….

A land of smiles and sunshine charms

I opened the boring cereal
The yucky kind that I do so hate
Poured out the box
Oh my, can’t wait….
The plain ohs gone
I don’t know where
Look what I found
Like magic from thin air.
A million little colors
My charms turned out to be
The happiest of cereals
Created just for me.
I filled the bowl
And sat right in my seat
Ooh goody goody
These are so neat.
I picked them up
One at a time
Swishing in my bowl
And mine all mine.
I glare at baby brother
As he reaches for my stuff
But you’re too little and sorry
I know it’s tough.
When mom comes in I give her a smile
To show my joy so true
I just didn’t know
My wide mouth is now blue.
She took a picture right away
I was mad as I could be
My face book friends won’t understand
And then they’ll laugh at me.
I don’t want no more of those
Sunshine charms I hate
The color blue!
You’d understand I’m sure my friend
If this had happened to you!

Day 22 and winding down, today’s challenge was to write a child’s poem,
Not having any little ones myself, this is the best that I could do.


Ode to a tree

I know you my friend
I have watched you grow
Getting taller as the years have passed
Nurtured you when your branches
Fell so low under the
Weight of a heavy wet snow.
I have sat in your shade
On a hot sunny day
I have slept in the hammock
Below your boughs.
You are wise my friend,
You see so high
Over looking
That which I could only imagine
From your highest point
You come alive
As the birds nest
Have their young and move on.
They take shelter
Within your arms
For a little while
Till your leaves fall
And the seasons change
You stand tall and strong
Giving us new air to breathe
You are mighty
You are life.