A simple need

She is I
I am she,
With a forgotten need
To just be.
How easily forgotten
How to soothe the soul
To not please,
To not try
To let it flow.
You look at me with ageless eyes
And I remember
Somewhere within
How it used to be,
So tired,
So very very tired
How hard to just
Change direction,
Be calm
Soothe like a balm
On a weary broke heart
If you listen
Somewhere the silence calls,
Reminding you
Never too late
To breathe,
Start again,
She knows the path,
She’s just been spun
Round like an age old
Childhood game,
Close your eyes,
Regain balance,
Move forward,
And be she,
Once more.
It’s time to return
It’s getting late,
The party wound down,
Awake tomorrow

And the unicorn whispers truth
You just can’t remember
The voice
The essence of you
You think you’ve forgotten.
Hiding beneath
The blanket of life,
You will come back,
You will recall
The joy.

Beloved…home (NaPoWriMo day 24)

Today,to write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like.

cold house stands
Where angels guard
Your sleep.
Thick walls to keep out
Perchance to keep in
Your soul escaped,
too late.
Old door gains entry
To the shell left behind
Dust to dust.
Concrete walls
Crushed stones and water
Lime removes yet burns.
Broken back
You came to be under
The roof of a solitary
Fenced in
Yet oddly never alone.
Love divine
Stone house strong

Wisdom from masters….thoughts of self.

“Those who have it practiced spiritual disciplines
In their youth pine away like old cranes in a lake without fish.
Like worn-out bows they lie In old age,
Sighing over the past.
Learn what is right; then teach others, as the wise do.
cravings bring pain;craving brings fear.
Don’t yield to cravings, and you will be free
From pain and fear.”
the dhammapada

Selected writings
I choose a book
Open several pages
And what I need to know
To learn chooses my eyes
To follow
To understand.
Back to basics
Of my peace
So long since I’ve held
Readings and answers,
Happiness and fear
The same path,
Which side we walk upon
Will matter
To none but ourselves
In the end.
There is a predetermined
History to future
This universe reminds me
Like meteors or shooting stars,
Let go
Inevitability .