Thoughts by co-workers

In response to an email I sent from my co-worker Stew:
I like to call it Deep Stew Thoughts

I didn’t know you as a kid. I don’t know what you watched on tv. When I was a kid, my parents could not afford a tv, so my dad brought a box home from work, cut a picture tube sized hole in the side of it, and put my little brother inside. Then, we dumped a jar of ants in there with him, so he would move around. It wasn’t Ed Sullivan, but is was entertaining.

Ah, memories.

I should have tried that instead of Gilligan or Scooby-Doo…..
Oh, and are you itchy yet?


Color flute
Umbrella flower
Upside down
Waiting on sun.
Snow lightly falling
Almost May
Disappeared from photo
But was there
Beyond the glass
Falling down
On cups of
Sunburst colors
On cloudy cold day,
Silly thoughts
The iPad wonders
Tries to change
My made up word.
But it stays
With a touch,

Guard of bones

All Hallows’ eve
Sitting guard
Waiting for the sound
Of little voices
Come for treats
The candy man
Wasted away
Too much sugar
Back in the day,
A lesson in fun
For all ages
Enter at risk
Beware the keeper
Long gone
Decorative folly
Scary rubber
Or real life…..
Approach with caution
Never mind,
I’m moving on
To the next home.
Trick? Or treat…..