Magic dance

She brushes the air with
Fingertip strokes
Soft as a feather
Leaving elements of herself
Falling like diamonds.
She twirls in her dance
Alone in her reverie
This life she claims
This moment
She dances unaware
Of the eyes of the woods
Watching her
Her beauty shining
Like a glow foreign
In the glade
She bows then lifts high
Her head
Hair falling
Spinning in abandon
She is free in this moment,
her birth.
Round and round
Spinning siren
Not a sound you hear
A whisper of the wind
Notes her movement
A leaf brushed by nothing
She has moved away
She cannot be seen
Just imagined
As the wild wind returns
And the void fills
Her spirit shadow full
With life
Once more.

the NaPoWriMo optional prompt left behind today, fire at work and no time
To deal with the prompt the way I would like, so you get magic instead.
Peace friends.

Links of silver

Pieced together
Pressed tight
One link to another
Like silver dreams
Flowing smooth
One to another.
Strange happenings
Sleep to wake
Then back again
Meshed into the previous
Thought of tired mind.
Under the night shroud
Twinkling silver shining
Little bits of stars
Against a blanket of darkest blue
My sky baubles flashing
Like a necklace on
The jewelers threads
So pretty
And priceless for
All eyes to see,
Links of the universe
One moment to next
Silver dream
In motion.