Gone gothic

World turned
Inside out
Black and white,
Gone goth.
Like fingertips painted
Gunmetal grey
Mohawk hair
Stands in spikes
The girl you thought you knew
No longer mouse
Found her wings
Set herself free
Can’t change the mood
When only black would do.
New friends
New music
Joy division
ear buds in
She sits amongst the dead
Writing of her heart,
But she’s ok
With what she is
A bud gone goth
It is what it is.
She hears them talk
As she walks away,
No matter now
You are no one
Stranger of yesterday.
Don’t expect to understand
To figure out
A phase or not
You can’t decide for
What it is you want,
Just let her spread
Those beautiful wings
Into the night and fly,
She’s just a girl
But she is strong in her shadow,
She has her answers
And you are a fool
For trying to change
What must become.