Gone gothic

World turned
Inside out
Black and white,
Gone goth.
Like fingertips painted
Gunmetal grey
Mohawk hair
Stands in spikes
The girl you thought you knew
No longer mouse
Found her wings
Set herself free
Can’t change the mood
When only black would do.
New friends
New music
Joy division
ear buds in
She sits amongst the dead
Writing of her heart,
But she’s ok
With what she is
A bud gone goth
It is what it is.
She hears them talk
As she walks away,
No matter now
You are no one
Stranger of yesterday.
Don’t expect to understand
To figure out
A phase or not
You can’t decide for
What it is you want,
Just let her spread
Those beautiful wings
Into the night and fly,
She’s just a girl
But she is strong in her shadow,
She has her answers
And you are a fool
For trying to change
What must become.

‘Smore thoughts

Out beside the campfire
Behind the pit of brick
The logs lay stacked
And quivering
Waiting to do their bit.
With purpose they lean
Into each other
Spaces of light between
Below mighty maples shadow cast
In dampness there we find
Natures marshmallow
Stacked like steps on
Sandwiched logs
Blossoms soft and white,
Wondering where’s the
And graham.

Wishes half flown

Wishes and wishes aloft,
Light on air
Magic delivery daily,
Still more left to set loose,
The best thing with wishes
Is they don’t ever end
Unlike money in pocket
That soons end up spent.
‘Cause wishes are endless
With dreams in your soul
The wishes keep spreading
All over the world,
Each seed will set flight
Whether near or afar,
And more wishes come up
With each laughter or tear.
We wish upon stars
And on pennies and charms
Dandelions fluff
With some already gone,
But turning I see
A million more before me
Wishes and wishes
And dreams to come true
I just sent out another
With love
From me to you.
It’s not too late
To send some more out today
Close your eyes
And maybe you’ll see
A hundred more wishes
Floating Light and so free.
So search in your pockets
For the wish dust you’ll find
And throw it up high
Believe and you’ll see
A million and one wishes
Fulfilled into
Dreams reality.