Gone gothic

World turned
Inside out
Black and white,
Gone goth.
Like fingertips painted
Gunmetal grey
Mohawk hair
Stands in spikes
The girl you thought you knew
No longer mouse
Found her wings
Set herself free
Can’t change the mood
When only black would do.
New friends
New music
Joy division
ear buds in
She sits amongst the dead
Writing of her heart,
But she’s ok
With what she is
A bud gone goth
It is what it is.
She hears them talk
As she walks away,
No matter now
You are no one
Stranger of yesterday.
Don’t expect to understand
To figure out
A phase or not
You can’t decide for
What it is you want,
Just let her spread
Those beautiful wings
Into the night and fly,
She’s just a girl
But she is strong in her shadow,
She has her answers
And you are a fool
For trying to change
What must become.

‘Smore thoughts

Out beside the campfire
Behind the pit of brick
The logs lay stacked
And quivering
Waiting to do their bit.
With purpose they lean
Into each other
Spaces of light between
Below mighty maples shadow cast
In dampness there we find
Natures marshmallow
Stacked like steps on
Sandwiched logs
Blossoms soft and white,
Wondering where’s the
And graham.

Wishes half flown

Wishes and wishes aloft,
Light on air
Magic delivery daily,
Still more left to set loose,
The best thing with wishes
Is they don’t ever end
Unlike money in pocket
That soons end up spent.
‘Cause wishes are endless
With dreams in your soul
The wishes keep spreading
All over the world,
Each seed will set flight
Whether near or afar,
And more wishes come up
With each laughter or tear.
We wish upon stars
And on pennies and charms
Dandelions fluff
With some already gone,
But turning I see
A million more before me
Wishes and wishes
And dreams to come true
I just sent out another
With love
From me to you.
It’s not too late
To send some more out today
Close your eyes
And maybe you’ll see
A hundred more wishes
Floating Light and so free.
So search in your pockets
For the wish dust you’ll find
And throw it up high
Believe and you’ll see
A million and one wishes
Fulfilled into
Dreams reality.

Free hugs

I saw her picture on the book of face
Every weekend to the square
Picketing around
With big white sign
Free hugs.
What I wonder did hugs do
That it needs to be freed,
I always knew hugs were good,
And was surprised to find
They now want them free.
Are they in prison?
Locked up in chains?
Did they break the law?
Were they armed?
Or just arms after all?
Well heck I say
I would be glad to join
After all
Hugs should be free
And not kept away
From everyday society.
I always knew hugs as friends
And I hope you’ll join us
To free hugs,
If you can’t make it down
Do it from wherever you can,
Because together we can
Set the soul free
And I am proud to stand behind
A hug that’s FREE!!!!!

for my pal Havalynn

A letter for a friend

I have a beautiful friend who I’ve written poetry for before and in 2012 her sister passed away from cancer. I didn’t want to buy a card as the words just were not adequate so I wrote her this instead. A letter from her to her sister. She told me the other day just how much joy it still brings her and if I had blogged about it, I told her I would do so , so here is a letter passed between friends in memory of loved ones.

I have lost, a piece of myself, a friend, a sister…I have lost, and my heart feels so very heavy with this ache that feels as if it will never leave, that will never let me be at peace.
I have lost, such a huge part of my being that the tears can’t seem to find an end….a river endlessly flowing…a meandering stream that seems to disappear beyond sight then suddenly, inexplicably reappears…I am so tired…so tired of the sadness….so tired of waking up feeling as if today is the same as yesterday…that now, things will never be the same…a piece of me is missing…and I can’t, I don’t know how to get it back…..
I walk through my days in a haze, I walk by the mirror and think to myself, who is this person I then I look a little closer and there is a light that wasn’t there before….just a small glow in my eye…a devilish glint that doesn’t belong to me..or does it…..?? I look a little closer and realize that although I may have not seen it there before…the dawning slowly comes over me like a warm spring sun rising in the sky….you are here…..you are….the DNA that makes up my blood, my bones….you are not gone, because you are in me….in my thoughts….in my heart, in my soul, in the very essence that makes me a part of who I am….you are not gone….you can never be gone because you are indeed, one of the best parts of me…you are in my laughter, my sense of humor, the best thoughts that flow from me….you are like the river flowing uninterrupted from the best of who I am….I do miss you, I will always miss you….but deep at heart I know I can call out and you still hear me, still laugh with me….still believe in me….you are the best of me….
I Have lost you, my dear sweetest friend, my sister……and someday I WILL see you again…..but in the meantime I know, although I cannot see, I know, if I hold out my hand, you will be there to hold it and send me your love, your comfort…..you will let me know that it’s all going to be alright.
and if I cry too much, know that these tears are from missing you….then slap me up side the head and say “enough already”……let’s open that bottle….time to celebrate life….

Originally written June 1st 2012.

Elusive herd

Close my eyes
Counting poofs
White wool
They move in and out
How many times did I count
The same head
From elusive bleats
Heard in the dark
Nine hundred ninety-nine
Dammit hold still
Sun rising soon
Open my eyes
And they are a field of fluff
Bunker down
In high grasses
Asleep in meadow beds.

Ethereal peace

Awake to a new day
Mind refreshed
Sounds of silence
Emerge the moment
To be
Filled with bird song
Dawn through trees
Lights fire within.
Head clear
So many days since I’ve seen,
The openness of clarity
Covering me.
Invisible cloak
Feel the power within,
Resurfacing once more
Peace and love
A moment of no cares,
I take a breath
Deeply inhaling,
The smell of morning
Dampness of the air,
Start emerging
Reach for the clouds.
Hello my friend
You’ve been sorely missed.
The unicorn comes forth
Like a blinding star
One again
once more


word play

When words collide
Like planes in the sky
Moments of reaching out to stop
The madness,
Your soul screams out
Knowing that it’s far too late.
When words slip in and out
Psyche spawns
It’s greatest fears
Played out in acts
Like Shakespeare on stage
Skull empty in hand
I knew thee well.
The darkness heeds the word untold
Like a crescent moon hanging
Low in he sky
I feel the sweat
Fall like tears down my neck
Look past the sky
Searching the memory eye
For truth untold
Will not deny
The play of words
Rain from the skies
And dark resumes
Her heartless state
Lightning tolls the
Heart still beats,
Strange dream illusions
Rapture of senses
And thoughts spill
Like oil on water.

Back and forth

Pretties dressed in yellow
Time for you to go
Mr Deere says I’ll get you all
Laying down
In fear or dead
You pop back up again.
Next day yellow is all I see
Didn’t we just say goodbye?
Paws smash puffs
White blows in air
Bitty seeds fly
Without a care
To touch down
You reap what you sow
Next week there’ll be more, you know.
So blow in the breeze my gentle lions
Dandy stems in fields of gold
Taunt me daily,
Come out and play
With natures gifts
Bees and blooms
And sunshine days.

Dog ears-hump day hubby prompt (in two parts)

Upright happy
Down for sad
But you’ve been so good
So why are they laying back?
Hmmm I think I’ll go look
And what do I find?
Empty milk-bone box recycled
By your little teeth,
Pieces like jigsaw all over the floor,
I guess a little fiber won’t hurt
I hope.
What, no presents,
typical presents?
No soapy water needed?
Ah, an easy day for me.
Just bits of paper chewed?
Ah no big deal
As the ears go up
The ears go down
I pat your head
Kisses galore,
Let’s go out to play!!!!
Ears fly as you spin around
And round
Yes, that is happy I must say.
Thoughts on one style of dog ear.

Part two
Words that touched me
I must remember this passage
And this one too,
So many inspiring words
By the pen of a writer
Bound for my eyes
To see
To take in
What might this mean,
Dog ear the page
Then another too.
My library stocked
With books now resembling
Underlining just isn’t enough
To mark my trail
Back to what
Spoke deepest to my heart.