Stratosphere of sleep

Somewhere between
Sleep and waking and
Dreams and sleep
Heart racing anxious
Terrorist game
Cat and mouse
What unsettled thoughts
Brought me to this moment
When in sleep you stand there
A stranger dark,
I see your eyes and just feel
The secret you keep,
You give a smile as you realize
That I know what it is about,
This moment you’ve planned
Unearthed, acknowledged.
And I know there is
Nowhere to turn
To run
Frozen as I feel the moment
The explosion
Into the stratosphere
Like a gentle melody I float down
Like a feather.
Reminiscent of
Reminders that the end is not
Just the end
That in death
There is a quiet peace,
A calm
That you have not won
And the love and peace
Does indeed separate
Sets us free.

Thoughts on unsettled nightmarish dreams.


10 thoughts on “Stratosphere of sleep

  1. I am convinced that dreams and wake-up vision are simply an outpouring of the creative force. The brain has to put that force somewhere. The Muse comes calling and then speaks. Wonderful piece this one Zip.


  2. Dreaming of a terrorist and the bag next to me ready to blow up. Never a fearful person, I guess bad can inspire good writing:) thank you Michael:)


  3. Splendid! My eyes could not move down quick enough to finish it at a pace my curiosity demanded.


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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