Of a feather

Caw caw
Endlessly talking
Marching across the yard
Talk talk talk
This summer eve.
Something new to these woods,
The new family of the forest.
Non stop they wait and watch,
Not even worthy of being chased
My silly pups think, who tire of the sport
When it is an unattainable prize.
They wait for me to fall over,
To peck out my eyes he tells me
And I laugh sounding like the birds of a feather
Flocking together
Caw caw endlessly moving
Then flying a close distance into the trees
To wait and watch some more.
I am not dead I call out to them,
Caw caw they know for now
But I’m sure they’ll wait,
For the someday to arrive.

Thoughts on a new bunch of birds who took up residence in the woods. Going to be a very loud summer she caws to herself. If I were a bird, I would chirp or tweet, but let loose with a scream like a hawk in the night, in case the professor pondered about that. I know a lady who will love the black birds. For you L.

Back and forth

Remembering when
Only years gone by
Children laughing
Kingdoms of joy
I still remember closing my eyes
Nights I rode so far in my mind
Goodbye I waved as I sped away.

Home again as boredom set in
Or dinner time bell called me out of my tale
Riding would wait
Some other day to play
Evening calls sleep and dream time.

Music of springs creaking
Evenly moving back and forth
My steed and I on a trip around the world,
Over and over the fields we ran.
Right now I know the magic
I lived it in my soul
Even now wishing to return
Somewhere locked in yesterday.

Child of moon dust

Night falls on weary shoulders
Cool air descends
Steam rises on water
Distant sounds
Symphony of the moon.
Rain damp ground
Glistens in moonlight stream
White light leaves a shadow
As she sits
Eyes closed
Breathing the air of midnight.
Fireflies dance
In the dark spots of the mind
A twinkle of light
Luminous thoughts drift
Sleep stays at bay.
Owl calls out
Nature scurries in forest homes
She sits and watches the night
Move past
Today gone
Sleep will return
The coming of dawn
Reminding of movement
Skies alive
Night to day.

More magic hat love

He said we need more cowbell,
I say we need more magic hat
To pull the words
That inspire
Go higher…she said….
Don’t throw stones at others’ bones
And always be true. Be you.
Give me ambiguity or give me something else,
Keep in touch with yourself, always.
She looked at the next
Are you content with where you went?
Never pretend to a friend and
Why be coy, smell the joy.
Come back here, that number 9 is mine!!!
Time to go back and sharpen the pencil.
Guess what?
You’re next in line, tell me have you
Hat enough?
Never she replied.
She liked to waste time and collect ’em all,
Soul matters he replied.
Eyes? Check
ears? Check
Mind? Check
Be a traveler, not a tourist because
Every beginning starts with another’s ending.
What’s the link between what you drink and think?
One nation under a groove
And that deserves a wow!
Marco….oh no,
Today’s forecast:beer but isn’t that everyday?
And it’s a hot one today,
A night with Tom Petty makes me sweaty,
What’s wrong with you, she thought out loud.
Nothing to it but to do it!
It’s rude to be lewd so don’t let your tongue come undone.
I’d rather have faith in Blind Faith (Stevie will get it sung)
So blend with a friend and know
There’s better living through alchemy,
How much for the goat I long to know?
Throw your arms around sustainable farms, cause the eggs are better without GMO’s, and with chicken magic
You can find a cure in the soup du jour.
Got magic? Yeah I really think so.
Don’t forget, never regret and most importantly
Never make a sand castle before high tide.
I’m all hopped up and nowhere to go
Trying to feed the nation with imagination, when hope
Is in the hops and it’s still home if you’re alone,
Would you really be interested in selling?
When big brother is watching TV and I am living proof
That banana costumes are funny.
Beer today gone tomorrow when music soothes
Our savage yeast, can you hear it?
The urge to create is always great
When you start with spring fever you’re ready for the summer scene,
Everything’s better on a stick (chocolate covered bananas??)
But to truly live, you have to give
Hey Jinx! Buy me a beer ’cause ale is the grail and there’s 24 hours in a day….24 beers in a case…coincidence?
I didn’t think so.
In closing,
Love where you live and live where you love.

To the voice at the big hat across the state, free samples would be great!!!
Just being funny, maybe that would be a good one….
Just saying.

Changes of time

As seen by rust
Slowly corroding
Pieces found on travels
An old opener
Still serving it’s purpose
And round thing-a-ma-bobs
Whose history most likely
Left behind
Shine now turned
By time
To rust.
Yet I carry these inside,
Assembled to show
Beauty in a circle
Still round, just worn.
That in truth of what is
What will be
For you
For me
Aging changes
And though we may disappear
For moments
We are still there
Waiting to be found,
To be picked up
To be examined
And wondered upon,
Scratch the surface
And beauty still remains,
Chains,cages,pieces of this and that
Will all have their cycle
Come full circle.
There is beauty is time
And the changes she makes
Shine to rust
Life cycle.

Pieces found and gathered in my travels of our yard.

Patient paws

Good morning hello
Thump thump
Tail whacks dresser
Eyes open
She moves.
Up and down
Up and down
Seventy pounds of morning joy
Rush rush
Oops, don’t worry about that door
Knocked out too many times before.
Sniff sniff
I like it here
No how ’bout there,
No wait what about over there?
Sniff sniff
No this won’t do
She taps her foot
Gotta go too,
But where oh where should this
Happy dog go?
Behind the trees
Don’t watch me please
Almost done
Walks away
No stop
Not done yet
Ok that’s good
Come on,
Let’s play
You don’t need that coffee, right?
You can stay out here
In this drizzling rain
There’s no work today
And only play
Can I have a treat?
Now back to bed,
You look awake
Aren’t you coming too
It may still be warm and cozy
On those fresh white sheets,
So my muddy paws will decorate
With love
From me to you.

Our girl Apple, the happy vocal hound who likes to teach patience.
Rescued from Manhatten found on the urgent death row dogs Facebook site,
The blessings she brings, joy and patience
And her weight in biscuits;) worth the drive halfway across the state
To spare a girl with a heart of gold.


Layer upon layer
Color applied to
Eyes like pools
Behind the mask.
Smiles painted
Mood extended
Covering truth
Masking humanity.
Who are you really
I wonder
Beneath the words
Painted so eloquently
Mirror image
Of another girl
Another time
Another mask worn
Similar to yesterday
But worn today
To decorate a face
Devoid of emotion.
The festival of life
Turning round and round
Like a dance of a dervish
Color extended
You slip away into the crowd
With a backward glance
Into another so like


Did you know
You did not have me at hello,
But at a glimpse scrolling
Shepherd mix
At a moment of grief
Of a loss tearing a soul
Into a million paw prints
That would no longer
Mark my earth.
You had me with a smile,
A bubble gum tongue
And eyes so happy
And deep.
You had me at a name,
Not really yours,
A hand me down
From the SPCA,
Sydney…now Chi
Little earth energy
Ball of movement
My heart.
Your childish antics
As I try to sit
Pushing me forward with
Paws slapped around my neck,
Kisses from a happy soul, who rescued who?
I’d love to know.

A piece to my girl Chi…aka cheese bag,chi bag, Cheezits , and too many others…and the occasional swear word thrown in.

Treasure box

Between today and tomorrow
There lives a place that’s called a dream,
Waiting to happen
Born of idea
Born of hope.
A magical place where many reside
A quiet place
Where hope flies like a kite
Dancing on clouds
Dipping and swaying,
Yesterday left behind
No going back
For it is gone
But each day the comes forth
With its gift
Of dreaming places waiting
The magical box in the forest
Filled with whispered wishes
Opens its treasure lid
Letting them escape
Into the whimsical atmosphere
Of slumber and waking
The universe hears
Answering the creative calling
To fulfill the request.

Nobody home

Nature takes back
What is built by mens hands
Vines creep
Where no one sleeps.
Who walked these halls,
Gazed from the windows
At the day beyond,
Did children play
On waxed wooden floors
Or sit in the sun
While harvesting the fields.
Whose life slipped by
Under the high ceilings
Of this now idle mansion,
Do ghosts echo silence
Off molding walls
And do people wonder
As they drive by
At the inhabitants now gone,
Do they even notice
This decay
As piece by piece
It crumbles away.