Interlude of strings

The evening fell
The fingers smooth
Up and down
The strings of my heart.
Maestro of music
Like poetry for the ear
Gentle rhythm moving
To the steady beat
Of this old heart.
He looks at no one
His eyes closed
As if searching
For the elusive chord
To strike the senses,
Strumming fast then slow
Tempo rising
The heat of the fire
Slowly burning.
Play for me
Quiet music,
Sweetest man of sound and spirit,
Take me to the depths
Where harmony and love
And send me to the place,
The world
Where souls collide.

Morning unlocked

Dark room,
Touch of morning hue
Eyes watch
Like Wilson
Below edge of bed.
Come on,
Soft happy wag
Thump thump.
Coffee to go
Hood blocks the damp air
Fires smolders
Acrid smell lingers,
Sun rises slowly
arms stretching
Up through the mist
Leaves gold flecked
A quiet peace.
Deer moves slowly through brush
We watch as she moves away
Disappears as if never there.
Breath on air
Feet damp with grassy dew
In peace
Morning unlocked.