Violet whispers

Waves of mood
Playing softly in the dusk
Violet whispers
Night bird calls.
Who goes there
Wings flutter in flight
Where have you been
Lavender thought.
Stars peer out
Between dappled clouds
Somewhere out there
The whistle sounds,
Night train moves
On rusted tracks
The mind wanders loosely
As Violet whispers
Soothes the energy
Calm reigns
When night falls
She will return
To purple skies
And meadows of clover.

Measured day

Sun shines on moving skin
Brush moves back and forth
Muscles stretch
Reaching the corners
Sit on ground
Fire burns
Dog speaks
Company approaches
Smiles and waves
Recline and unwind
Talking of
Times to come
Plans made.
Night draws in
On a tired mind
The measure of a full day,
To lay prone at the end
To rest
And close your eyes
Sleep overtakes
The weary body.
Wake and know
No movement of the bones
Sleep through
Till shrill alarm
I wake refreshed
From dreamless state,
Left bottled on the counter
Exhaustion shuts the mind
From the usual breaks in time
Empty void
But content.

Thoughts on a sleep so deep, never moved after full day of yard work and deck staining and muscles that hadn’t been used in much too long.
Photo from Pinterest.