In the stillness
Beats the rhythm
Of the world
And the life
And the sky
Folds itself
Into the shape
Of the truth
Of my life.
Universal love
Spreads rays upon
The faces,
The bodies,
The sleeping child
The animals at pasture
And kisses them gently
With the breath
Of hope.
The heartmosphere

Natures dance

Sun shines down on pale skin
Cotton shirt blows softly
Walking through the grass
Follow the path
Through spring green woods
They come.
No sound made
Petal soft
The caress on my arm
Barely felt
Like a butterfly touching down
Take that
Nasty black fly.
Too late
Mark made
Bullseye fingers
Itch itch
Make it stop.
Their welcome
When will this madness stop?
The bug spray poison
I hate to use on skin,
Chemicals almost as bad
As the tiny red bites,
Bats must be too few
To keep up with
The endless swarm
And I will be left
Looking like a swollen mess
On pasty skin
A bingo dabber gone wild
But I am not winning.

The hubs says the trick is to hold your arm up and they will swarm there instead of anywhere else. I say ouch…..damn bugs.